Where to go when you visit Lebanon - Site 10: Beirut

I had already written about Gemayze almost 4 years ago, and about Hamra here (such an authentic city) and here (where I compared it to Paris) a year ago or so. And now I want to extend to other parts of Beirut, which are Downtown Beirut and Raouche.

I have to admit it was the first time I see the famous Raouche Rock, and I have lived all my life in Lebanon only 15 minutes away from it. There are many restaurants that face the rock, which makes an exquisite view and ambiance, when I took this photo I was at BayRock Café.

I have to apologize for the unorganized post, I just have photos here and there which I want to share with you. I know very well that Beirut is infamous and doesn't need to be promoted and explained. That's why I will leave it for the photos to speak for themselves. These photos were taken during the month of June 2010, and all the Downtown Beirut ones were taken during the "Fete de la musique" that took place on June 21st.

One of the most attended performances was by Meen the Band

In one sentence, I can tell you that there are all kinds of hotels in Beirut, all kinds of restaurants, pubs, night-clubs, clubs, pub-restaurants, cafés, Lebanese cafés, libraries, art scene, art (photos, paintings, sculpture) exhibitions, all kinds of shops, souks, organic souks, a commercial center, the parliament... everything! From tall buildings to old authentic houses.

Martyr's Square

This is the famous Dome, aka Egg, that will soon be destroyed :(

Place de l'étoile



  1. Waiiiittt..you had never seen the Pigeon Rock before the tweetup at Bay Rock? I cannot believe that! I'm sure you passed it all the time, maybe you just didn't notice? We have to go back again, the view is picturesque from Bay Rock, except this time, we will have to make sure to sit outside. I still cannot believe that! Your country is beautiful isn't it? Happy to see that you are rediscovering it again..sometimes its nice to act like a tourist in your own city.


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