Friday, September 15, 2006

Where to go when you visit Lebanon - Site 2: Gemayze / Mar Mkhayel

Photo taken from NoGarlicNoOnion

It is not a historical monument, or archeological site, however Gemayze / Mar Mkhayel is just a town located in Beirut at a walking distance of Solidere (Downtown Beirut). This town is basically one of the oldest inhabited towns in Lebanon, and you can notice it due to the architecture of its buildings and only made of 3 or 4 floors.
Only recently has this city become the booming place of night life in Lebanon, moving from Gemmayze to Mar Mkhayel, both have a different vibe to them, with classic pubs that won't go away like Kayan, Torrino, Porto... to the more upcoming one like Junkyard, Trainstation and more. Its a long street, with pubs and restaurants and street food situated on both sides from its beginning till its end.

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What can you do in the pubs in Lebanon?
Well as I have noticed the word pub differs maybe from country to country, but you can mainly have a decent meal there, however its main purpose is having a drink with friends, listening to music, any kind of music, depends on the pub's style, and on a program made out throughout the week, can be 80's music, cuban, pop, etc... And of course, dancing!

If you like the night life, this is the place to be.