Thursday, May 23, 2019

Ultimate Guide to Lebanese Vegan Food

One of the things I love about the Lebanese cuisine is the fact that a big chunk of it as already plant-based. Though I am not vegan, I hope I get there one day and I thought such a post could be helpful for vegans visiting Lebanon or wanting to be inspired by Lebanese cuisine (some also are Levantine).

Whether you're vegan or not, you're in a for a (vegan) treat because the food is simply delicious and you'll find a large variety which will ensure you never get bored. Below is a list of the different food you can order at restaurants and feel confident in your choices, or if you're renting an airbnb, maybe try and cook some of these yourselves? ;)

You'll find 6 categories below:
1- Mezza
2- Breakfast
3- Salads
4- Main Dishes 
5- Soups
6- Desserts

Lebaneze Mezza. Source: