Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas tree in Downtown Beirut

It's one of the new traditions in Lebanon, it is part of Beirut Celebrates series of events. What makes this tree special, is its presence near one of the biggest mosques out there! Now of course we would hope to think sectarianism doesn't exist in Lebanon, but unfortunately a form of it still exists.

Photo courtesy unknown, I received it by email.

2nd Photo courtesy yours truly

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Beirut Rock Festival 2009

Click on image to enlarge!

Beirut Rock Festival to take place on November 11, 13 and 14 at the Forum de Beyrouth. It's great to finally see Lebanon hosting such events again, I think if I'm not mistaken, this is the first Beirut Rock Festival, and for a start it's hosting some good bands, including one of my favorites "Anathema". I am sure year after year it will evolve to something that will attract more international visitors.

Tickets on sale at the Virgin Ticketing Box Office!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

This is HUGE! 24 October, It's Happening! 350

I am getting goosebumps when I keep seeing these photos, these people, every where around the world are showing the number 350. Keep checking

Here are some pics. And SOON we'll be getting a picture from Groupe Saint-Vincent Naccache of the Association of Scouts in Lebanon, who will be climbing the highest peak in Lebanon, Kornet el Sawda and taking a photo here. Info courtesy of Beirut/NTSC. More actions are taking place in Lebanon as well. I will try to get pictures about them too.

Now enjoy the positive energy!

And finally from Lebanon, Tony Dagher & Johnny Maroun hiked for a long time and reached the highest peak in Lebanon (3088 m) Kornet El Sawda.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

24 October, International Day of Climate Action

On October 24, the International Day of Climate Action will cover almost every country on earth, the most widespread day of environmental action in the planet's history.
Big rallies in big cities and across the globe: mountain climbers on our highest peaks with banners, underwater demonstrations in island nations threatened by sea level rise, churches and mosques engaged in symbolic action, star athletes organizing mass bike rides—and much mroe

Every event will highlight the number 350—a big group photo will depict this important message, at end all photos will be assembled for a visual petition to change the negotiating environment as we head towards the crucial UN Climate Negotiations in Copenhagen in December of 2009

  Check here for an action near you, and maybe you can try and participate or take a picture and talk about it!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Maldives Cabinet held a meeting underwater

Why you wonder? Well the beautiful Maldives is being threatened to disappear underwater because the sea water level will rise from now till 40 years. Why might this happen you wonder? because of the recent negative effects of the "man made" climate change.

Can something be done about it? Yes, but we need the world leaders to take action.

Maldives along many other islands and ports and cities might be covered either all of it or parts of it by water (please check this post to know about these extraordinary regions).

President of the Maldives

So why did the President of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed (who in my opinion is a hero) call for the cabinet to hold a meeting under water? Well they got our attention didn't they? People should become aware of climate change and its negative effects and learn what the number 350 means and why it is extremely important!

Enjoy more pictures here, wow the Maldives is a beautiful place, it would be a shame if it's gone in our time, and its people to become refugees.

What can you do to help with saving them and yourself? Contact IndyACT (Lebanese NGO), tcktcktck (take action), (international campaign) or simply me and I'll tell you where to go next.

Man in the cube in Ein El Mreisseh and the dead fish

Don't forget to check the Man the Cube (Rami Eid) in Ein El Mreisseh, facing Mc Donalds. This event is organized by IndyACT aiming to raise global urgency on the critical dangers of global warming and to urge world leaders to take fast and effective action against climate change in Copenhagen this December.

Rami, or the man in the cube, has been there since yesterday and will continue to be there until tomorrow October 18th. He represents “the last man on earth” enduring a fierce struggle for survival against climate change effects. He will be living in the a transparent cube where everyone can see what he's doing.

He has a chair, a laptop with internet access where he blogs and tweets his experience and what's happening with him.

From the things the Man in the Cube said:
I just drank some cold water, and it was so refreshing. Since we're on that topic. Limit your showers to 5 minutes, or less if you can.

I will be going to check him out tonight, I have some questions to the passers by, I will let you know what they say.

Updated: I got some photos posted below. The water level has risen yesterday enough to stop Rami from standing on the ground. So he remained on the chair, not being able to move freely anymore in his world, completely bothered and cornered if we may say. The man in the cube tweeted his last message today hoping that everyone learned a lesson like he did.

Many passers-by were interested, so several IndyACT volunteers explained to them about the message they were trying to convey, and many passers by, especially young children threw stuff at Rami, a kid even through a dead fish on him. Ironic but actually makes a lot of sense as the climate change will result in having many water species die.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Are you going to do something about Climate Change?

- Don't recycle (it's a waste of time)
- Don't carpool (who needs to restrain themselves with other people in the morning)
- Don't mind fossil fuel, keep it burning (better economy)
- Don't be bothered to end CO2 gas emissions, in fact encourage it (will give you power over other)
- Don't encourage alternative energy (costs too much, bad for economy, waste of energy and human resources)
- 350 parts per million is a joke
- Don't reduce your carbon footprint (the more the cooler you are)
- Don't maintain green trees, chop them off and use their wood (+ they're blocking the view)
- Don't plant new trees (view of industrial factories with gray skies are more efficient these days)
- Don't save water, waste it even when unnecessary (can't you drink oil?)
- Don't try and keep the sea water level from rising (just scuba dive to see the Maldives...)
- Don't miss having refugees, we'll have climate refugees, (now that Palestinians are living happily ever after, we want more to take care of)
- Don't worry about having coral reefs die (it's not like they are important for the eco-system)
- Don't get upset when watching glaciers melt (what good are they for anyway)
- Don't be surprised from "weather" change (1, 2, 3 degrees warmer? It's no biggy, the warmer the sexier)
- Don't keep diseases from spreading (it's fine, only those poor people in poor countries get it, we're safe)
- Don't hope for your country to become carbon neutral
- Don't be sad when you see more species become extinct (dinosaur style)

And most importantly don't have children.

Because if you do have children, in 40 years don't feel guilty when your children look at you with disappointment, with depiction, because they know that you and people like you are the reason why the earth and the world has deteriorated, and especially because you could have done something when the time was right, but instead you were just too lazy to try and help prevent one of the most dangerous and serious "MAN-MADE" crisis... You didn't keep from the negative effects of Climate Change from happening. You were an irresponsible (dare I say human?) being!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Age of Stupid in Lebanon

The Age of Stupid is a new cinema documentary about this enormously ambitious drama-documentary-animation hybrid stars Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite as an old man living in the devastated world of 2055, watching 'archive' footage from 2008 and asking: why didn't we stop climate change while we had the chance?

You can watch the trailer here.

And the great news is: this movie that has been an amazing hit all over the world will be playing in LEBANON

Venue: Empire Sofil
25 / 26 Oct

Tickets sold there.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Il Siciliano Restaurante, my take

Due to a happy occasion last Sunday, I had the pleasure of having lunch in Il Siciliano, Abdel Wahab El Inglizi St, Ashrafieh (view map, tel: 00961 1324 001, 00961 1324 003), and luckily just one day before I start my diet, I can give you my amateur opinion on this restaurant and tell you that it is definitely a wonderful experience from the minute you walk in until the minute you leave.

We were greeted with a welcome shot at the restaurant salon in the ground floor, afterward we went up to the restaurant, women greeted as Ladies and men as Sirs, makes you feel good to be honest, asked which kind of wine we would like to drink, and what the main course is going to be... In a nutshell the service was very classy, they appear as if they really know what they are doing, and I think it is because they do know.

After the first course, the salad, came the pasta, and that is the most important part of this review, there were two kinds, very nicely put together, the plate looked swelling.

It contained tortellini with white sauce and penne with tomato sauce, I usually go towards the white sauce, but for the first time in my life, I enjoyed the penne with tomato sauce so much I did not want that plate to end. I have eaten in many Italian restaurants based in Lebanon, and Par Excellence, in Il Siciliano lays the best pasta I have ever had.

The main course I chose was grilled chicken, it was not bad at all, but being a pasta fan, this is where all my focus went.

And all this eating was accompanied by the music of the giant tenor singer Andrea Boccelli, definitely puts you in a relaxing mood.

After a while, a fast-paced music came on, and the chef gave us a really interesting show for 2 minutes approximately. It gave the ambiance a really nice touch.

We were invited so I can't tell you the exact pricing, however from what I have been told and what I saw, it is not a modest restaurant and it does require a certain budget, so be prepared, this is not Mezzo - Cinema City.

The restaurant looked very neat. I personally am a fan of decor and the bathroom's as well, and it had this old feel for it, moreover I loved the fact that there were many towels in a small wooden open closet, you pick one which you can dispose right after use.

To complement such a culinary experience, there comes the dessert, a fruit salad with an Italian scoop of sorbet, mine was Lemon, and it was a treat!

For next time, I will surely try the pizza, and yes there definitely is a next time.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

مارسيل خليفة يغني في مهرجانات بيت الدين، للمعتقلين في السجون الإسرائيلية... والعربية

باسكال عسّاف

بينما كانت بيروت ترزح تحت حرّ قاسٍ لف سماء العاصمة طيلة شهر أب، كانت منطقة بيت الدين تنعم بنسيم ليلي بارد أشبه بإطلالة خجولة للشتاء. أكثر من أربعة آلاف شخص حضروا، غصّ المدرج بحركتهم، تفقدوا أمكنتهم، وما كادت الساعة تقترب من التاسعة مساءً، حتى امتلأت كل المقاعد، وعمد القيمون على الأمسية إلى إضافة عدد آخر من الكراسي في نواحي المدرج. جلس الحضور يترقّب، فالليلة حنين إلى صوت مارسيل خليفة، وانتظار أقرب إلى التأمل في موعد مع الموسيقى.

أوشحة بألوان مختلفة لفّت أكتاف الحاضرين. عازفو الأوركسترا، الكورس، وبعض المستمعين، اختاروا الكوفية بلونيها الأبيض والأسود تعبيراً عن دعم قضية فلسطين، وطن عربي آخر يعاني من التخلّي.

أعضاء "أوركسترا فلسطين للشباب"، أكثر من 60 عازفاً بقيادة المايسترو البريطانية شون ادواردز (Shon Edwards)

 جاؤوا من لبنان، مصر، سوريا، العراق، فلسطين والهندوراس. باقة من الجنسيات المختلفة، اجتمعت في ليلة الأربعاء 12 آب 2009 وتركت في نفوس الجمهور ذكرى أمسية عبقت برائحة حب الأوطان.

وبمناسبة اختيار القدس عاصمة الثقافة العربية لعام 2009، كانت الأمسية تحية للشاعر محمود درويش في الذكرى السنوية الأولى لغيابه، هو الغائب الحاضر في الكلمات.

حفل استمر لأكثر من ساعتين، تنوع برنامجه بين أقسام ثلاثة. الجزء الأول غنائية بمشاركة أميمة الخليل من لبنان، ريم تلحمي وباسل زايد من فلسطين، تحت عنوان "أحمد عربي"، قصيدة عن المقاومة كتبها الشاعر محمود درويش وألّف موسيقاها مارسيل خليفة في العام 1983. ومع "القدس شمس الحرية، واليوم نغني أحمد العربي" بدأ خليفة حفلته ليدخل الجمهور معه إلى عالم آخر، ورددوا معه عالياً "أنا أحمد العربي\ فليأت الحصار\ جسدي هو الأسوار\ فليأت الحصار".


في الجزء الثاني عاد مارسيل متشحاً بشاله الأزرق، الذي شارك فيه مع فرقة الميادين ورافقه ولداه، رامي على البيانو، وبشّار على الدربكّة والدف، إسماعيل رجا(Ismail Raja)  على الكلارينت، بيتر هربرت (Peter Herbert)  على الكمان، ناصر سلامة(Nasser Salameh)  وألكسندر بيتروف (Alexandre Petrof)  عارفا إيقاع. 

عند أداء أغنية "يطير الحمام، يحط الحمام" توجه مارسيل إلى الجمهور طالباً منه أن يشاركه الغناء وتحديداً الصف الأول حيث جلس عدد من السياسيين وفعاليات البلد. وبعدما أطلت أميمة الخليل لتغني "عصفور طلّ من الشباك"، عصف المدرج بصراخ البهجة، ما دفع مارسيل إلى سؤال الحاضرين ممازحاً إذا ما زالت الكلمات في الذاكرة.

وبعد أن أهداها "إلى كل المعتقلين في السجون الإسرائيلية"، اخترقت المدرج عاصفة من التصفيق، انتظرها لتهدأ وأردف مبتسماً "والسجون العربية". في تلك اللحظة، وعلى وقع كلمات "كل قلوب الناس جنسيتي، فلتسقطوا عني جواز السفر"، شعر الحضور بأن التصفيق والصراخ لم يعد كافياٌ فوقف تحية لكل... المساجين.

أما أغنية "يا بحرية" فكانت الأكثر صخباً في الحفل، قديم جدده مارسيل بحضوره وعزفه الرائع، رافقه عازف المزمار (كلارينت) لبضع دقائق أذهل فيها الحضور بتمايله كالنسيم مع اللحن، أكمل بعدها مارسيل المقطوعة على العود على وقع تصفيق هادر. كما عزف على العود مقطوعة من قصيدة "محمد الدرة" و"أنا يوسف يا أبي" ليجعل هذا الحفل لوحة متكاملة من إنشاد جماعي وفردي ومعزوفات موسيقية وإلقاء شعري، لوحة رسمها الوطن المنسي في حسابات من نصبوا نفسهم قيّمين عليه.

في القسم الثالث غادر مارسيل ليجلس مع الحضور وعادت الأوركسترا إلى المسرح. منفردة، أدت ريم تلحمي أغنياتها "يا غزة" وإحدى قصائد محمود درويش "خضراء أرض قصيدتي \ خضراء عالية\ على مهل أدونها\ على وزن النوارس\ في كتاب الماء أدونها" واختتمت الحفل بأغنية عن القدس من كلمات وسيم الكردي وألحان سهيل خوري.

في نهاية الأمسية قدّم الوزير غازي العريضي ميدالية كمال جنبلاط وسجادة صلاة من صنع يد حرفية لبنانية لأعضاء الأوركسترا، كما قدمت السيدة نورا جنبلاط درعاً تذكارياً للأوركسترا ممثلة في مديرها، الملحن والموسيقي سهيل خوري. وبقي التكريم الأكبر الذي قدمه الجمهور وفي مقدمتهم وليد جنبلاط، طارق متري، جان أوغسبيان، زاهي وهبي، والسيدة جيزيل خوري تصفيقاً وتفاعلاً مع أغنيات وقصائد في ليلة موسيقية ارتقت إلى حد الإبداع.

A little bit too late, nevertheless worth the read. Marcel Khalife's concert with the Palestinian Youth Orchestra in Beiteddine on August 2009.

Brazilian Carnaval in Lebanon

I can proudly say I did not have my camera on me yesterday, so no pictures available, however this should actually be of motivation to people who live in Lebanon and I highly advice you to go see this event as it rarely ever happens in Lebanon. It's a micro Rio de Janero carnaval, nonetheless worth seeing. It is organized by Café Najjar.

It took place yesterday in Downtown Beirut, it will tonight as well (24 Sept) in DT Beirut, then it will be moving to Zahle (Sep 26), Batroun (Sep 29) and Tyre (Oct 1). Public workshops will also be given throughout the carnival to get your bum shaking Samba style.

For more info click here

Photos courtesy of Tony Yammine and Darine respectively, for which Darine also shared her experience in this post.

Blog Action Day 2009 - Climate Change

Gear up, prepare your keyboards, set your mind, put the screen in front of you, 15 October 2009 is Blog Action Day and the topic for this year after high demand is Climate Change.

Please help spread the word to other bloggers, let's make it happen.

For more info on climate change, please refer to older posts starting the month of August 2009. Or just check website of local Lebanese NGO, the global 350 campaign, and the actual campaign

Save yourselves! Please help raise awareness about the subject.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nations having different goals when it comes to Climate Change

They met up, talked and showed sympathy, leadership, motivation for action, and then when it's about time to announce their commitments to actually do something about Climate Change, few did!
Several world leaders on Tuesday gave the most decisive indication in months that they will work to revive floundering negotiations aimed at securing a new international climate pact. But the vision that President Obama and others outlined at the United Nations climate summit -- in which countries offered a series of individual commitments -- suggests that a potential deal may look much different from what its backers originally envisioned.


The sad thing about climate change is that those who least caused it will be most affected by it, such as the Maldives, and this is what their President Mohamed Nasheed a prime speaking spot after Obama, said about it:
"On cue, we stand here and tell you just how bad things are. We warn you that unless you act quickly and decisively, our homelands and others like it will disappear beneath the rising sea before the end of the century," he said. "In response, the assembled leaders of the world stand up one by one and rail against the injustice of it all. . . . But then, once the rhetoric has settled and the delegates have drifted away, the sympathy fades, and the indignation cools, and the world carries on as before."

The most ambitious commitment to reduce the gas emissions in their country came from Japan:

Japan's prime minister, Yukio Hatoyama, renewed his pledge to reduce his country's emissions by 25 percent by 2020.

However, they won't play if others don't play, especially that if they played alone, it will not help the case anyway

Japan's commitment is conditioned on the willingness of other industrial powers to sign on to similar commitments.

The major problem in actually coming up with a fair and binding agreement for climate change is that most countries have had one of their worst economic years and initially they're always reluctant in taking any measures when it comes to environment and climate change, so how about now with a vulnerable economy starring them in the face.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

World Leaders in New York for Climate talk (Except for Lebanon)

Taken by your truly

100 World Leaders such as Obama (USA), Sarcosy (France), and especially Presidents of China and India, countries that are playing a major role in the economy of this world and in the climate change issue are gathering in New York for Climate Week NYC.

Taken by your truly

Among those 100 World Leaders, most Arab countries are not present in the presidential form, and Lebanon is not even represented at all.

On Monday, September 21, Avaaz members and TckTckTck Campaign partners sent a deafening wake-up call on climate change to world leaders--with 2632 events in 134 countries, tens of thousands of phone calls etc... Video below

Taken by your truly

"Again Arab leaders missed yet another opportunity to defend the survival needs of the region from climate change impacts." said Wael Hmaidan, Executive Director of IndyACT. "While today’s climate summit is attended by Presidents of the US, France, China and many others, only Algeria participated at the Presidential level from the Arab region", added Hmaidan.

Yesterday, September 21st, more than 2000 actions took place in the world with one slogan "Wake up it is time for climate action".

Lebanon might not represented officially in probably the most important and fate-defining talks of our times today, however our NGO IndyACT which is always on the run, participating in all the negotiation sessions similar to COP15 that will take place in Copenhagen Denmark in December 2009, organized a get-together at Ain El Mreisseh Beirut at 8pm to which more than 100 activists, social media, environmentalists and other attended sounded the alarms of their clocks and mobile phones, honked their horns and banged their musical instruments, making a tremendous noise in a symbolic action, part of a global "Wake-Up call". The main purpose of this event was to tell the world leaders that are in New York today, one thing and one thing only "It is time for Climate action".

Taken by your truly

A solar enabled countdown clock will be put in that same spot to count the days that distance us from the most important negotiations to take place in this century, the COP15.

Taken by yours truly

The purpose of COP15 is to achieve an ambitious, fair and binding agreement, a Climate Change treaty, for all countries.

Taken by yours truly

In all of these sessions the Lebanese and many other Arab delegations have never taken the floor to speak even once. “The main Arab countries engaging the negotiations are Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, who only defend their oil trade. The Arab region is more than oil, and we have to know that if climate change is not addressed properly, we will lose our agriculture, water, economy and livelihood of our people in the region and globally”, declared Hmaidan.

IndyAct along with international NGOs and civil society worldwide consider the Copenhagen Summit as a key moment in our history, and call all the Arab governments to have an active and positive role in reducing global CO2 concentration in the atmosphere to 350 ppm (parts per million). 350 ppm is the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere that we need to reach to keep the global warming below two degrees Celsius and avoid catastrophic climate change impacts.

Taken by yours truly

P.S. All the text blocks indented to the right are taken from IndyACT's press release 22/09/2009.
To know more about Climate Change, 350ppm, COP15, future actions, the science and politics behind, please refer to,, and some posts I have written in the near past about this subject 1 and 2.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time to wake up the world: Sep 21 @ 8pm

Get your alarm clocks, horns, musical instruments, pots, cans, etc. & meet us in Ain Al- Mreiseh, facing McDonalds at 8 p.m. on Monday September 21 to sound the Global Wake Up Call.

Organize by IndyACT, actions will take place all over the world. On Monday a rally will take place in order to wake the sleep-walking people.

More about the rally here.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Twestival Beirut suppording IndyACT & Climate Change

Twestival will take place Globally in more than 133 cities worldwide and is happening in Beirut for the first time. It will be tomorrow Sunday September the 13th at 4pm in Rawda Cafe, Ras Beirut.

Ticket: 10$

In Beirut, Twestival is supporting IndyACT, The League of Independent Activists, in its continuous campaigns to fight the increasing climate change crisis. There is less than 3 months to Copenhagen where world leaders will come together in the most important meeting of a generation to decide if they will save the planet or not. Unfortunately, our Arab governments still lag behind with no true leadership and avoiding responsibility. Twestival Beirut with the help of volunteers and civil society will help change that. They will call for climate change action and moving away from the path of destruction, continued poverty and despair.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Who's against doing something about climate change - Fact #1

Saudi Arabia does not want rich countries to cut on carbon emissions, because if they do, they won't buy a lot of fuel anymore, and if they don't, the Kingdom won't sell a lot of fuel anymore. Monetary compensation did not convince the kingdom, why you ask? Because it's all about power.

Saudi Arabia influences smaller and weaker Arab countries in the climate change negotiations.

Power vs Survival

And we wait to see what happens in COP15, Copenhagen climate conference in December 2009

Vote climate change for Blog Action Day 2009

Blog Action Day is a single day–October 15–when bloggers write about a particular topic in order to raise awareness. Last year, the issue was poverty, and over 12,000 bloggers covered it, reaching a total audience more than 13 million readers., the organizers of Blog Action Day, are running a 5-question, multiple-choice survey to determine the issue for this year's event.

As you might imagine, we think that issue should be climate change. Because it falls on October 15, Blog Action Day presents an excellent opportunity to set the stage for October 24's International Day of Climate Action. Plus, climate change negotiations on the Copenhagen scale don't happen every year.

If you agree, take 30 seconds and complete the Blog Action Day survey, selecting 'climate change' as the answer to the first question.

(And no I am not sorry for nagging your head about this issue!)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Protest-Camping in London to raise awareness about Climate Change

Ah... civilized societies!

The first day of 'Climate Camp 2009' proved a drizzly one for the hundreds who pitched up to Blackheath to raise awareness about climate change.

They had gathered at six London locations before noon, waiting for a text message telling them where the campsite would be.

The ruse served not only to confuse the police but the protesters as well, as there was a two-hour delay in relaying the information.

But just after 2pm yesterday, the messages started coming in.....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Topic Selection for Blog Action Day 2009 - Help us pick Climate Change

Hi Everyone,

Blog Action Day takes place every year on October 15th, where all blogs blog about the same topic all over the world. They're doing a survey in order to select the topic that all blogs will be talking about, so let us all vote for Climate Change and spread it as much as we can.Kind Regards,

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: The Blog Action Day Team <>
Date: Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 4:08 AM
Subject: Big News: to lead Blog Action Day 2009

Hey BAD bloggers!

It's almost that time of year again, and this time I have some
exciting news to announce.

When we started Blog Action Day two years ago, we had no idea
how large it would become.  Now that it's grown beyond our
wildest expectations, we've decided that it's time Blog Action
Day had a more permanent home where it can continue to expand.

To that end, we've asked the social issue blog network to take over the project and make Blog Action
Day bigger than ever.  I'm thrilled to say that they've
agreed, and their team has already started working on
preparing for this year's event on October 15th.

As a first step, the team wants to get your
thoughts on the selection of this year's topic.  To give
your feedback on the topics being considered or suggest
your own, click the link below to a short 5-question survey:

If you have any questions, additional suggestions, or want to
get involved beyond blogging, email Robin Beck,'s
Director of Organizing, at

Thanks for all the support – we look forward to having you
all involved in this year's event, and you'll being hearing
more from the folks at over the coming weeks as
we all get ready for Blog Action Day 2009.

Finally, don't forget to add us on Twitter:


BAD Coordinator 2007/2008

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meteor Shower Tonight - Watch the skies

Every year in early August, we can observe the Perseid meteor shower ("the Perseids"). And it's a fascinating sky event.

Every year in August, the Earth passes through rock and dust fragments left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle, last time it came near the Sun. As these small particles collide with the Earth's atmosphere, they burn-up, often creating a startling streak of light across the sky.

You can easily observe this and it can be a wonderous spectacle.

Click here to read BBC's article on the subject. And click here to know more about Perseids. And NASA's take.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Climate Change v/s Global Warming, What is Climate change?

In this post, I will be talking about what Climate Change (also referred to as Global Change) is, what Global Warming is, and the difference between them.

Global Warming

Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the Earth's near-surface air and oceans since the mid-20th century and its projected continuation. Global surface temperature increased 0.74 ± 0.18 °C (1.33 ± 0.32 °F) during the last century.

The greenhouse effect is the process by which absorption and emission of infrared radiation by gases in the atmosphere warm a planet's lower atmosphere and surface.

So in summary, with the greenhouse effect, the more the CO2, the more the absorption of the sun's radiation by the Earth, thus the increase of the global temperature. (See Photo)

Climate Change

Climate change is any long-term change in the statistics of weather over periods of time that range from decades to millions of years. Climate change may occur in a specific region, or across the whole Earth.

Lately, a change in the climate is occurring fast, and we can see those changes today. To name a few, increase in the sea water level (see previous post about the Maldives Islands to disappear, causing what we call Climate Refugees), increase in the spreading of diseases (e.g. the Dengue fever in Bangladesh), increase in the number of cyclones (e.g. in Oman), bleaching of coral reefs, glaciers melting, etc...

As now climate change will be affecting the whole Earth, it is also being referred to as Global Change.

Difference between Global Warming and Climate Change

Put in simple words, we can say that Climate change (the recent of course) is the consequence of Global warming. Global warming already happened, climate change is happening as we speak, and the target of these NGOs by December 2009 in Copenhagen is to introduce a treaty that will let the countries work on mitigating (decreasing) the effects of climate change on Earth as much as possible, by setting the goal of decreasing the gas emissions by 80% by 2050, to reach the 350 ppm (parts per million) CO2 in the atmosphere (it's around 378ppm now), to prevent from letting the temperature of the earth increase by 2 degrees Celsius (more details on this in future posts) which if they don't, it will have catastrophic and disastrous effects on Earth.

In future posts, I will be telling you about the effects of Climate Change on Lebanon directly, the difference between Mitigation (increase in gas emissions activities) and adaptation (in case the tipping point in climate change is reached, what will we do then), the science and the politics behind Climate Change and the most common words and expressions you will be hearing that are related to Climate change.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Make a change in climate change before its too late

IndyACT and 350

I had the pleasure and the great opportunity to attend the Climate Change Media Workshop that was organized by IndyAct, an NGO based in Lebanon and who is playing a big part in this whole story. It took place on 5 and 6 August 2009, where we also met Bill McKibben, from 350 campaign which I will tell you all about in a future post.

Edited: I added the below movie so everyone can understand what 350ppm (parts per million) means. Because the world needs to know.

Climate Change

As the next person, I had heard about climate change, but I thought its consequences were something to happen in the next century or the one after, but sadly it's much less, we're talking 40 years only. I can't tell you what I learned in this workshop in 1 post, however I will pass these information along the next weeks to you so you can share as well... Actually, please share, it's your life and my life at stake here.

Climate change is a direct threat to our lives and the lives of our children. It would be completely unfair to ruin this world for them while we have the chance for once to make history and actually do something good.

Copenhagen December 2009

In December 2009, we will all be hoping for the leading countries to sign on an agreement and not just any agreement that will abide them to decrease gas emissions. More on Copenhagen December 2009 in another post.

Small Islands to disappear from the face of the Earth

I will share with you this video of the President of the Maldives, Mohammed Nasheed, in which he talks about how the Maldives, as small Islands will disappear before 2050 due to the sea level rise that is caused by climate change. Think about it, a whole country will disappear? Where will the population go? Plus, a whole country will disappear under our own eyes!!!!

Watch this video here please.

As the President of the Maldives put it: "Please, don't be stupid"