Sunday, April 26, 2009

Where to go when you visit Lebanon - Site 6: Batroun

Baalbeck, Gemmayze, Byblos (Jbeil), Skiing and Outdoors Adventure!

Today I will tell you about Batroun, and the next recommended place will be my newly favorite area in Lebanon, and that is Hamra (in Beirut)

bot'-ris (Botrus; modern Batrun):

This is how you get to Batroun, it's almost 14 km after Jbeil on your way to the North, and just a little bit before Tripoli.

Batroun is definitely a village/city to visit. It was once just an old village, tight streets, archeological sites, old houses and churches, but now it's much more, it has been booming lately with a big number of restaurants, pubs, night-clubs and an infamous beating night-life.

But that's not the only more like many things Batroun is know for, it also has an amazing sea-coast, it's just beautiful. It might be a long ride (relatively to Lebanon) from Beirut to Batroun (approximately 40 minutes) but it's definitely worth it. It's more quiet, it has a nicer and cleaner beach, and a very friendly ambiance... Quick Note, it's cheaper than other places!

Heard about Phoenicians? Want to know more? See more with your own eyes? Want to live a real down to earth experience with modest and great citizens, then just visit Batroun and you will get a taste of wonderful time.

For more pictures, check my account on Flickr, hopefully I will update some pictures of Batroun's night life.