Sunday, April 26, 2009

Where to go when you visit Lebanon - Site 6: Batroun

I have been wanting to write about Batroun since quite a while. As you have probably read on this blog, I have already written about 5 places you should visit when you visit Lebanon.

If you want a rich, entertaining, educational, out-of-this world, fun, gastronomic vacation, just follow my advice, I know what I am talking about!

Just look at the right of this blog, you will see the recommended sites (or activities): Baalbeck, Gemmayze, Byblos (Jbeil), Skiing and Outdoors Adventure!

Today I will tell you about Batroun, and the next recommended place will be my newly favorite area in Lebanon, and that is Hamra (in Beirut)

bot'-ris (Botrus; modern Batrun):

This is how you get to Batroun, it's almost 14 km after Jbeil on your way to the North, and just a little bit before Tripoli.

Batroun is definitely a village/city to visit. It was once just an old village, tight streets, archeological sites, old houses and churches, but now it's much more, it has been booming lately with a big number of restaurants, pubs, night-clubs and an infamous beating night-life.

But that's not the only more like many things Batroun is know for, it also has an amazing sea-coast, it's just beautiful. It might be a long ride (relatively to Lebanon) from Beirut to Batroun (approximately 40 minutes) but it's definitely worth it. It's more quiet, it has a nicer and cleaner beach, and a very friendly ambiance... Quick Note, it's cheaper than other places!

Fish lovers, go to Batroun, and have a great meal. Oh, and in the hot summer, you have to go drink Lemonade in Batroun.

One of the archaeological sites in Batroun is the Phoenician Tour (Sour Al Finikey), see image above. To know more about these historical places, visit

Heard about Phoenicians? Want to know more? See more with your own eyes? Want to live a real down to earth experience with modest and great citizens, then just visit Batroun and you will get a taste of wonderful time.

For more pictures, check my account on Flickr, hopefully I will update some pictures of Batroun's night life.


  1. Nice post! You got good pics on your Flickr account :)

  2. Thank you :) I try! very amateuristic