Sunday, August 12, 2012

Talents in Lebanon - Artist / Painter: Rudy Chidiac

This is a very old series "Funky Talent" that I started doing in late 2006, there are 3 entries in it only, and now I am going to revive it with a new entry about one of the very popular talents however only few can mesmerize you with their work and keep you looking at them for some while. Thus I am honored and happy to introduce you to Rudy, one of my favorite talents in this world

Rudy Chidiac - Facebook - Deviantart

·     Howold are you? 20
·     When was your first drawing? 7 or 8 or even younger, drawing cartoon characters (Disney)
·     Do you draw from memory? Yes, I don't use reference pictures nor models
·     How do you feel when you draw? When I'm very concentrated about it, I kind of feelhigh, especially if I'm listening to my favorite bands. Maybe dreamy
·     Which are? Cocorosie, This mortal coil, Metallic Falcons
·     What inspires you and do you take a while to decide on it, or does it just come to you?  My ideas come very fast, I write them down soI don’t forget, and when I feel like drawing I chose from the "to-dolist". Sometimes I get ideas from dreams or sometimes when I start a workI see it complete in my dreams it happened with me twice - I even saw one ofthem in motion

A Bomb by Rudy Chidiac
"Sometimes I get ideas from dreams or sometimes when I start a work I see it complete in my dreams"