Twestival Beirut suppording IndyACT & Climate Change

Twestival will take place Globally in more than 133 cities worldwide and is happening in Beirut for the first time. It will be tomorrow Sunday September the 13th at 4pm in Rawda Cafe, Ras Beirut.

Ticket: 10$

In Beirut, Twestival is supporting IndyACT, The League of Independent Activists, in its continuous campaigns to fight the increasing climate change crisis. There is less than 3 months to Copenhagen where world leaders will come together in the most important meeting of a generation to decide if they will save the planet or not. Unfortunately, our Arab governments still lag behind with no true leadership and avoiding responsibility. Twestival Beirut with the help of volunteers and civil society will help change that. They will call for climate change action and moving away from the path of destruction, continued poverty and despair.


  1. thank you lillian for posting about twestival beirut.

    it is taking place on september 13th and there are giveaways: nokia mobile phone, wirless internet device (wigo),...

    for more info:

    hope to see you there lillian !

  2. refreshing to see people getting on the action, "we the people" should be the logo from now on...good job guys.


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