Vote climate change for Blog Action Day 2009

Blog Action Day is a single day–October 15–when bloggers write about a particular topic in order to raise awareness. Last year, the issue was poverty, and over 12,000 bloggers covered it, reaching a total audience more than 13 million readers., the organizers of Blog Action Day, are running a 5-question, multiple-choice survey to determine the issue for this year's event.

As you might imagine, we think that issue should be climate change. Because it falls on October 15, Blog Action Day presents an excellent opportunity to set the stage for October 24's International Day of Climate Action. Plus, climate change negotiations on the Copenhagen scale don't happen every year.

If you agree, take 30 seconds and complete the Blog Action Day survey, selecting 'climate change' as the answer to the first question.

(And no I am not sorry for nagging your head about this issue!)


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