Where to go when you visit Lebanon - Site 2: Gemayze / Mar Mkhayel / Badaro

It is not a historical monument, or archeological site, however Gemayze / Mar Mkhayel is just an area that consists for a very long road located in Beirut at a walking distance from Solidere (Downtown Beirut). This town is basically one of the oldest inhabited towns in Lebanon, and you can notice it due to the architecture of its low rise buildings.

Alley in Gemmayze

This city became the booming night life area in Lebanon in early 2000s, moving from Gemmayze to Mar Mkhayel where the latter continues to become even more popular and Gemmayze having a come back with nice cafés like Urbanista, Aaliya's Book and more... Badaro has also joined the list of best night life in Lebanon, with classic places like Dany's Pub and Roy's Public House, to more new coffee shops and pubs opening up along the whole area. 

One of the many famous stairs of Gemmayze
Roy's Public House - Badaro

But fear not, this is not just a night life area, it's also a booming day life place. Both Gemmayze & Mar Mkhayel have a different vibe to them and are special in their own way. Filled with classic pubs and places that won't go away like Kayan, Torino, Porto, Le Chef... to more upcoming ones. In addition to pubs, you'll find more and more café trottoir like restaurants, street food, more hipster cafés (e.g. Kalei), and more fine cuisine restaurants. So there's something for everyone. These are spread all over the very the long street, meaning you don't have to decide what you want to have until you go there, walk around and see what feels right!

Colorful Stairs in Gemmayze
Kalei's Coffee Shop

Photo taken from NoGarlicNoOnion
I wrote this post many years ago, and I just updated it a little in April 2019. Both 3 areas I mentioned are still super hip.



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