Gorillaz did an encore in Syria

In the history of concerts, I have never been to any concert in which the band didn't do an encore, they leave, we beg them, and they come back. You see, if we don't beg, it means they sucked! But Gorillaz didn't, they did wonderfully throughout the performance, at one people the audience booed. Read details here.

They performed yesterday in Damascus, and according to a friend of mine who attended the concert yesterday, they did perform an encore in Damascus' concert.

I personally agree with this comment, I think we were punished. Thus the "no encore", more like the "plus moins". We are an epic fail sometimes.


  1. I was wondering whether they'd do an encore in Syria!
    It would make sense for that to be the reason. I can't think of another why they wouldn't come back, especially since the concert was LESS than 90 minutes. What a shame, they were excellent, the last song rocked the whole stage, the encore would have been amazing!

  2. It was punishment..would you perform an encore after witnessing such a thing? Lebanese people need to be taught a lesson..scratch that..many lessons...

    The whole country needs to be sent to finishing school!

  3. I'm not sure if any of you have attended much theatre or opera performances in Europe - but people "boooo" all the time! La Scala in Milan is famous for this. I've heard people booo at the Royal Opera House in London often. There is no why the audience should just cheer, even if they don't like something. That's silly and dishonest. If I were at the Byblos concert, I would have booed at hearing "Syria" - and why not? People should express their opinions. Maybe the Gorillaz did not play an encore because they were tired? Maybe they were high? Maybe they did not like the audience, as you suggest? Does it matter? If they felt ofended, then "tant pis."


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