My favorite Spas in Dubai

When I first moved to Dubai, I kept asking where can I have the best massages in Dubai. It took me almost 3 years to find my favorite. So if you had just moved to Dubai, or visiting for a while and want to treat yourself to a good massage, hopefully you will find this post useful.

I have been to around 15 different Spas in Dubai, ranging from luxurious "hotel" ones to small ones that kind of appear a bit "exotic". And I can recommend 3 with confidence. I also make it a point to get a massage while I am traveling, reason behind that is because my quads and hamstrings tend to get very tight from all the walking / hiking a person does when they travel, causing pain in my knees and lower back, hence my physiotherapist actually recommended I do it to help decrease the pain, so yeah, Doctor's orders :) how lucky am I?

I've done massages in Cape Town, Kathmandu, Bali, Sri Lanka, Budapest, Santorini, Los Angeles, and Lebanon of course. From those, there are few that had a strong mark on me that I would never forget, such as the setting and how I felt afterwards. What comes to mind is the one in Taj Mahal Cape Town Spa (the actual treatment), the one in the Thermal Baths in Budapest and Tree Spa in Bali (see below). Yet the good news is, some of the best massages I have had were right here in Dubai.

1. SensAsia Spa - EGC

  • Branch: I have been to two of their branches,  but my favorite is the one in Emirates Golf Club. The service was consistent in both though, so maybe worth going to the one closer to you.
  • Service: The service is consistent no matter who your therapist is, the setting is luxurious and beautiful, super relaxing and you get to chill afterwards where they serve you amazing ginger tea and a healthy snack. 
  • Type of massage: I particularly like the Balinese massage there. If you're a massage lover, I am sure by now you have steered away from the relaxing soft one, to a proper pressure point kind of massage. I don't like very strong massages either, I like the combination of strong but also relaxing. I have also tried the hot candle massage, this is definitely a type of massage that is perfect to gift your fiancé with on a special occasion (ladies, you're welcome). You explore here more of the packages and treatments they offer:

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2. Pine Spa - Al Barsha

  • Spa atmosphere: I have only recently tried this based on a friend's recommendation, and I can easily say hands off the best massage I have received since ages. The place is nothing fancy or luxurious, it's there to do its job, which is massages. So I wouldn't gift my partner a massage from there if you're looking to make a romantic gesture, otherwise, do go there if you're looking to feel better after a hard week and sitting on a desk cramming your bones and muscles together!
  • Type of massage: My legs were sore because of few work outs in the previous days, the therapist immediately noticed I was in pain, and she had the perfect amount of pressure to both help release the tension but also keep me satisfied and relaxed. I did the hot oil massage for 90 minutes and the price is even more amazing than the service itself. I assume the type of massage she went for was the Thai massage. It was just brilliant, I will surely be returning there. They also offer Swedish and treatment massages. You can find more details here.
Pine Spa - Al Barsha

3. Natural Healing Spa - Wasl Road

A friend dragged me to this place few years ago, it's a bit far for me and that's why I never went there again, but I remember that it was also an amazing experience. Again the place is not in a luxurious hotel, but it definitely has a nice atmosphere and my friend was a loyal customer. So if this place is closer to you, it's definitely worth checking it out. More on their website here.

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And a bonus one if you are ever in Bali:
This is a must if you are going to stay in Kupu Kupu Barong Villas and Tree Spa

Foot massages are a must and they cost between 3 and 5$ for 30 minutes! This means several ones per day even!
If you want more Bali tips, check my posts on accommodation & location, and things to do.

* Please note that I was not asked to write about any of those Spas, these are actually my own personal favorites!


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