Where to go when you visit Lebanon - Site 14 "Chtaura / Taanayel /Kefraya"

It's been a while since I did an entry on this series. But I am happy that I come to you today with a active, fun and delicious road-trip.

The weather was amazing, not one cloud in the skies, just a couple of days before the spring starts officially, we decided to take advantage and went up towards Bekaa.

Traditionally, you should always start your Bekaa trip with breakfast in Chtaura. To your liking, you could started with a delicious sandwich Labneh and vegetables in it with Markouk bread, or go sweet and have Arishe (قريشة - a type of cheese - someone told me it's called Ricotta) and honey.

After that, we went to Taanayel Farms, visited the cows O.o and walked towards the lake and afterwards we went for an improvised Wine Tasting at Chateau Kefraya to end it with a lunch at Kefraya's Dionysos.

In Taanayel, you can actually rent a bike and stroll through the farms. And in Kefraya, you can book for a tour to check the vineyards and the caves and see how wine is made.

I will shut up now and leave you with some photos.

Hope you enjoyed the trip! And let's hope there will be a Site 15 before I leave Lebanon.

p.s. Do get the labneh zaatar balls, and olives stuffed with labneh. Thank me later!!!



  1. That's definitely the kind of trip I like to do when I've time for me. Away from the everyday noises of the city, work... visit the countryside, enjoy the time that elapses, the people and their products. Enjoy simple things.

    I don't understand your last sentence.

  2. Christian, I am moving from Lebanon to Ireland possibly by May.

    1. I wondered if it was a final departure.
      I see by browsing through the Lebanese blogs there as a sort of depression in people, if I may say so. You gave me a part of the answer on another post few days before. Sad :(

      I can only wish you the best for your projects.

      Veel succes en niet opgeven.


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