Armenia: To Peace, recognition and prosperity

I took these photos last September, during my trip to Armenia, on that day I visited the Armenian Genocide museum, and the monument that was built to remember the martyrs.

The memorial building of the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide
The flame still burns for the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide
On my way there, of course, I saw the name of the village where my grand father came from.


My Armenian origins are a pride to me as much as my Lebanese origins are. I never knew my grandfather, but I've heard of him. I heard he was strict and tough. Nevertheless, would you imagine someone having survived a genocide to be any less tough and strict?

Someone once told me, even though there is a lot of evil in this world, it is balanced equally with "good". Here's to peace, to recognition and to prosperity. Armenians you are everywhere... and those countries are lucky to have you amongst them.

Every year, thousands of people visit this place to remember their ancestors. And they all pass by this bench
Plaquette near the planted tree by the Lebanese President in recognition of the Armenian Genocide
Rape, violence, starvation... Armenian Genocide. 
The 18th of October 1915 issue of Russian paper "Iskry" with the article entitled "Extermination of Armenians in Turkey"
Photograph of an Armenian woman starved to death with her 2 children, in Syria - Armenian Genocide Museum
Call for help for the Armenians during the Armenian Genocide
"Bird's Nest" Orphanage of Armenian kids in Jbeil - Lebanon
City after city and country after country recognizing the Armenian Genocide

Armenia, is very green I tell you

After every bitter story, there is a butterfly that sheds light on a bit of hope
More photos from my Armenia trip, a country that my photos definitely did not do justice. A country that was able to rise on its feet within two decades only, and even though it still has a long road and only 10% of what it really was, it is still a great country, full of history and of life.


  1. Yes Yes Armenia is full of history and of life.. Thank you for the great post.

  2. Moving post. Would really like to visit Armenia one day and see all of those sits myself. Maybe you'll be my guide?


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