Where to go when you visit Lebanon - Site 12: Zaarour

It's been a long time since I wrote a post in the "Where to go when you visit Lebanon" series, so today I will tell you about Zaarour. Luckily my friends dragged me by the hair to actually go spend our day off doing something useful.

On the way to Zaarour - Lebanon

Zaarour - Lebanon
Zaarour, located in Mount Lebanon right after Bolonia, is a small ski resort. It has many small apartments there, and right beside them the ski slopes. It's the closest ski resort to Beirut, which takes maximum of an hour. So it's a pretty cool location indeed in case you don't want to go as far as Faraya Mzaar or even Arz.

Zaarour Ski Slopes - Lebanon - February 2011
Zaarour - Mount Lebanon - February 2010

Zaarour - Mount Lebanon - February 2010

Sadly, there weren't much snow today, the ski slopes were closed, not that we were going to ski or anything, we just went there for a picnic! Moreover, some of the photos you see above were taken last February 2010 (much more snow and a sunny day). As for today's photos, check below.

What does it look like?

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Red heart made of snow, inspired by next week's Valentine's day
But the most important part is Koukh el Sabaya. It is a must visit mini authentic Lebanese restaurant. It's run by a family, the female members of it (thus the word Sabaya in its name). They serve basic traditional Lebanese food and Manakish on Saj. In summer, they open their outdoor section as well. It's on the left on the way up to Zaarour Resort, just 5 minutes before.

Koukh El Sabaya - Outdoor section

Koukh el Sabaya - Outdoor section - February 2010

Koukh el Sabaya - Outdoor section - February 2010

Koukh el Sabaya - Zaarour

Boiling some tea on the "Soubia"

Best Labneh! Worth a million dollars!

Koukh el Sabaya - Zaarour
Hope you enjoyed today's trip.



  1. I like the photos,this wonderful Lebanon...

  2. This place, I think, was featured in No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain.. looks amazing. I love the idea of kookh el-sabaya.. One day when in Lebanon, I will make it a point to go there :)

    Glad you had fun!

  3. definitely. make sure you try koukh el sabaya

  4. How beautiful! I really need to make the most of the snow while it is still here.. After my trip to Faraya last week I'm determined to go again. The only problem is I don't have any winter clothes! Let me borrow some and I will go with you next time! :D Amazing photos..yummy labneh.

  5. Definitely! we should do this again soon, but we should go to the Cedars instead :)

  6. I loved the photos of the resto and the labne and the snow ..okay I loved it all :D

  7. can anyone get the number of koukh al sabaya plz? and does it need a reservation? thx anws:D

  8. no need for reservation, just drive up there! am sorry but I don't have their number! but seriously, just drive up there :) its before zaarour sky resort


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