Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Talents in Lebanon – Banadoura: Various Artists

After I posted this video clip for the song "Qamlo el 7arb" for the Lebanese band "Meen", one of the band members Tony Yammine was kind enough to send me the Banadoura Compilation CD. So Thank you, it's a great addition to my collection.

What is Banadoura?

It's a CD that has a compilation of songs for several Lebanese Artists plus bonus features (videos) for those artists. Munir Khauli, The Quiminboos, Zeina Daccache, Nadim Bou Khalil, and Meen (mentioned earlier).

11 tracks, 11 moods, 11 themes, various artists, various music styles, all Lebanese.

Make sure you check the CD out. Demo here.

Check out:
Talents in Lebanon – Composer/Musician: Jalal Haddad
Talents in Lebanon – Photographer: Karen K