Maldives Cabinet held a meeting underwater

Why you wonder? Well the beautiful Maldives is being threatened to disappear underwater because the sea water level will rise from now till 40 years. Why might this happen you wonder? because of the recent negative effects of the "man made" climate change.

Can something be done about it? Yes, but we need the world leaders to take action.

Maldives along many other islands and ports and cities might be covered either all of it or parts of it by water (please check this post to know about these extraordinary regions).

President of the Maldives

So why did the President of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed (who in my opinion is a hero) call for the cabinet to hold a meeting under water? Well they got our attention didn't they? People should become aware of climate change and its negative effects and learn what the number 350 means and why it is extremely important!

Enjoy more pictures here, wow the Maldives is a beautiful place, it would be a shame if it's gone in our time, and its people to become refugees.

What can you do to help with saving them and yourself? Contact IndyACT (Lebanese NGO), tcktcktck (take action), (international campaign) or simply me and I'll tell you where to go next.


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