Brazilian Carnaval in Lebanon

I can proudly say I did not have my camera on me yesterday, so no pictures available, however this should actually be of motivation to people who live in Lebanon and I highly advice you to go see this event as it rarely ever happens in Lebanon. It's a micro Rio de Janero carnaval, nonetheless worth seeing. It is organized by Café Najjar.

It took place yesterday in Downtown Beirut, it will tonight as well (24 Sept) in DT Beirut, then it will be moving to Zahle (Sep 26), Batroun (Sep 29) and Tyre (Oct 1). Public workshops will also be given throughout the carnival to get your bum shaking Samba style.

For more info click here

Photos courtesy of Tony Yammine and Darine respectively, for which Darine also shared her experience in this post.


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