Ziad Baroud at La fete de la musique

I didn't recognize him at first, he just appeared like the average
Salim, an ordinary guy, dressed casually. And finally I hear:
"Liliane, your friend is here!" I look around and concentrate, and
still I wasn't able to recognize him (I will blame it on night light
and me being tired after a long day kayaking at the Litani), and then
my friend tells me again: "That's Ziad Baroud, your friend!" The
reason why they categorized him as my friend is because I really like
and respect the guy, and always compliment him on his work and defend
him, etc... So yes, I saw him, I was so happy to see him just there in
casual clothes, visiting Saint Nicholas stairs in Gemmayze and
checking the ambiance of fete de la musique, walking amongst us, I saw
him as a very modest person. Perhaps this is how all ministers should
be, but in Lebanon, a minister is always so mysterious, with trillions
of bodyguards and armed vehicles etc..

So Mr. Ziad Baroud, if you see this, I just want to say, GOOD JOB and
I really admire you, I wish all ministers can learn from you. I regret
not having a picture taken with you, but I took your picture anyway
with other fans.


  1. This man really keeps on surprising us :)
    Though I was went to Gemmayze but seems like I missed seeing him!

    Got more nice photos? I'm now posting mine!

  2. Yep Rami, posted another post

    Serpico, Yes he is!

  3. Haha he's my friend as well! He's everyone's friend :)


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