Fete de la musique - After glow

La Fête de la musique 2009 was everything I expected and more. I got there a little bit late, but there was nothing that could stop me from going. It is a one time a year event and I wouldn't miss it at all. I have been to previous Fête de la musique events, and they were always amazing and extremely fun.

First I stopped by Saint Nicholas stairs at Gemmayze, in addition to having a stage at the bottom of the stairs on the street, some chairs facing the stage, there was a sort of an art exhibition. All the way from down to the top, artwork was showcased on both sides of the strairs.

As you can see in the above photo, an artist "Charles Nassar" made some artistic arrangements with shrapnels that were collected from the July 2006 war of Israel and Hezbollah. A nice way of taking something ugly and making beautiful things of it.

Someone overheard me say that I needed a program to decide where to go next, and the nice gentleman gave me the flyer that had the program on it. So I looked at it and saw that there was Mashrou' Leila in the Thermes Romains. I couldn't recall who had told me to check them out, but nonetheless I grabbed my enthusiasm and went to the roman ruins in Downtown Beirut.

When I arrived, a band called "The New Government" was playing, and as I looked up at the what sort of appears as a Colosseum, it was filled with people, so were the sides of the stage, and all the way up there on the upper street.

After they were done, came the infamous band Mashrou' Leila. Everyone was cheering, more people came closer to the stage, I was able to see the obvious fan base. In my early twenties I used to keep up with the music scene, local emerging rock and metal bands, attend their concerts, etc... But this was a unique and a first time experience, seeing so much positive energy and enthousiasm from the fans. I still didn't know what the hype was all about. When the music started, everything came clear. This is definitely a promising band that will go international, or so I predict. Unfortunately by the time Mashrou' Leila came on, my camera's battery was dead, but I still insisted on a souvenir and took a photo with my modest cellphone. You can check Mashrou' Leila in their myspace page or check their facebook group. They will be playing in Sour (Tyr) on Sunday July 26th.

Looking forward till next year's.


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