Yoga Retreat in El Nido with Dina Ghandour

The below is written by a fellow yogi who was part of our group for this yoga retreat. I thought it captured the essence of this amazing destination and the yoga retreat, that I can definitely not write it better. Written by Osman and you can find him on his instagram (p.s. he's also a yoga teacher). 

A 15 min hike up a stairway made of bamboo to reach a humble tent. No AC, no heated water. Showering with a frog or a "cuuuuuuuute" red spider dangling from the ceiling simply to check you out.

Birdhouse, El Nido - Palawan

Sleepless nights due to heavy winds of a typhoon not too far away. Tent feels like lifting off at times, with the sound of an electric fan in the background reminding you that hey! It is OK! You still have electricity and you have an LED bulb lighting your humble tent.

Be grateful be humble. Pac one, turtle and Baye (guesthouse's dogs) occasionally roaming around the tent (Nest 3). Barking loud at the stormy winds or the wild monkey or a stranger cat. Making sure everyone is safe and secure.

Nothing like a yoga retreat to make you be more present!

The Nest

Early morning Jivamukti opens the class. Every time it makes me feel like the first time I walked into Dina-ji class, even after 3 years of consistent attendance ❤

Jivamukti with Dina

Breakfast at the Nesting table with an adorable munchkin, big boss Aguila, welcoming you with his cute laughs and flying kisses that harmonize the entire place with his pure energy. Descending back down the bamboo stairs walking through the tropical jungle, surrounded by greens, and palm trees.

Breakfast at the Nesting table - Most of us had the Granola on a daily basis. Yum! Super missed.

Birdhouse Bamboo stairs

Reaching the beach, continuing to walk over the muddy sand, the rocks, through the shallow waters to reach a wooden "boat" with a restored engine in the back, controlled by a long bamboo stick, enough to carry 10 people on board. Covered by a ripped tent to shelter you from the scorching heat.

Our boat - stopped at a bay all for ourselves

Captain Jack Sparrow smiling behind his steering wheel while his 2 assistants lighting the charcoal to start grilling their freshly caught fish of the day at their "open kitchen" all that action happening on board the wooden handmade "boat". Nothing but joy and freedom. Embarking on the wooden tree trunk fueled by a lawn mower engine with captain Sparrow hopping us across the vast ocean from one natural island to another. Tanning, snorkeling, kayaking, meditating to the Hiss sound of the waters. Just another day in Palawan ❤

Drone shot!

The lunch that captain Jack Sparrow and his team made us (while on the boat!)

Kayaking in the Small Lagoon

Afternoon gentle 7 Chakras Vinyasa flow to balance the flow of your prana from the sole of the feet up through all the channels reaching the crown of the head. Just another signature flow by Dina-ji ❤
6 pm already. Looks and feels like midnight. Every single insect kingdom you learned about in your middle school textbook is actually true! They are real, "cuuute" and wide awake waiting to welcome you home and say hello after your long day. To each his own way of saluting. A bite, a sound, a chant, a melody, a picture frame pose or a combination of the above. Smile, pretend you are watching the National Geography on 4K 4DX 360 degrees TV. Go back to your humble windy tent and sleep 😴. Just another magical day to be grateful for ❤

Thank you all for your open spirit, your smiles and your naughty laughs 😇 Till we meet again under the palm trees 🤗🌴 🐸 🦎 🙏

This amazing group!

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