10 things to do to keep yourself entertained while traveling

Travel can take up long hours as we still didn't invent teleportation. So sometimes it can take up a whole day and even 36 hours if you're crossing multiple continents. I thought I can compile a few ideas on how to be prepared to keep yourself entertained while traveling just in case you’re not someone who magically falls asleep anytime anywhere because let's face it, that would be the best solution.

Treat all your senses and more:

  • Treat your eyes with the Netflix app or Starzplay (or similar) on your phone or tablet: download offline your favorite movies or series so you can watch them in offline and airplane mode
  • Treat your mind with games on your phone or tablet: this is quite obvious if you’re already someone who plays games on their device. But for those who don’t, it doesn’t hurt to have some games (puzzles, trivia, sudoku or your average fornite game) pre-installed on your device in case boredom hits hard/li>
  • Treat your mind with reading on your e-reader: I know many people love hard copy books and love smelling them, but in terms of practicality and efficiency, specially while traveling, an e-reader is a must. It’s light, its battery lasts weeks, it has built-in light, it’s easy on the eyes and it can contain many books so you won’t have to worry about carrying heavy books around if you’re a fast reader/li>
  • Treat your eyes with physical Magazines / Comic books: they’re light and contain many articles. Specially if it’s on a topic you’re interested in (i recently picked up NewPhilosopher magazine and I’m loving the subjects covered). /li>
  • Treat your ears with podcasts and audiobooks: these are so fulfilling. There is a podcast for every taste out there, so just find yours! I’ve recently started using Blinkist app which summarizes books! For a nominal annual fee you can “read” (listen to) book summaries on the go/li>
  • Treat your ears with music: or if you’re really not up to learning anything, just like watching a movie or series, have your playlist ready and downloaded offline (on apps like Spotify and Anghami) and keep your imagination flowing/li>
  • Treat your mind learn a new language: with an app like Duolinguo, that’s the perfect time to dedicate to learning or strengthening a new language. /li>
  • Treat your productivity by organizing your upcoming plans / things to be done, or by preparing draft emails / messages you haven’t had time to visit at earlier stages. Whether they’re work or community related. Jot down your answers and suggestions and prepare them to be sent as soon as you have wifi/li>
  • Treat your imagination by writing: maybe write your aspirations about the upcoming trip or write about the trip you just had. Maybe write about life in general and how you’re feeling overall. Writing is a great way to pass tome, know yourself better and maybe find out you’re a great writer and become a famous author. Anything’s possible in this crazy world! /li>
  • Treat your soul by meditating: specially if there’s turbulence! What? Why would I mention turbulence. Sorry I’m on a plane right now and that’s one of the few ways I use in order to deal with my mild anxiety. Breathe in then breathe out (for longer), and repeat. There are also plenty of apps such as Headspace and Calm to help you develop this positive habit. Everyone should meditate, it’s a necessary practice that helps us relax and be removed from our crowded digital heavy lives by focusing a bit on our non-thoughts. /li>
Any other ideas or suggestions? Write them in the comments below.


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