Lebanon Food Tour for a real Lebanese experience

Lebanese cuisine is quite popular and well known all over the world. The first thing that comes to mind is the Lebanese Meza, which is our appetizers such as Hommos, Cheese Rqaqat, Moutabbal, Kibbe Nayyeh, baba ghanouj, etc.... However, this post will not be about our Meza, this post is about specific food I'd like you to try when you're visiting Lebanon in order for you to get the real Lebanese experience, whether it's a specific food item that you can find anywhere in Lebanon, or it's specific to a restaurant or a town.

Disclaimer: There are more food I'd like you to try, many Lebanese dishes (in La Tabkha), Boneless chicken sandwich (from Bouery with extra garlic), Fish, sea food, Kebab.. all of which should spread around the world. For now, I limited them to 30 only and this was not an easy job.

p.s. Click here for the plant-based only post (some of the below options are vegan).

I am not the best food photographer, but I "know the taste of my mouth" (Lebanese expression that means I am just a big foodie).

Without further ado, here are my favorite 30 Foods & Drinks to try in Lebanon:

1- Lahm Bi Aajin and Ayran (liquid-y salty yogurt) drink at Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons (the combination is heavenly)

2- Toasted Kaak and melting cheese from a street vendor in Tripoli (and chat to the vendor)

3- Moghrabieh at the old souq of Tripoli (it's a small hidden place, I trust you'll find it)

4- Znoud el Sitt dessert at Hallab (you can also have Halewet el Jeben, but the first is my favorite Lebanese dessert)

5- Carrot, Clementine and Orange juice from a street vendor in Tripoli (quench the thirst)

6- Fatteh chickpeas with Laban at El Souseh (honestly, my dad does it best though) 

7- Al Baba Sweets in Saida (try Shaabiyat, Karabij, Maamoul madd...)

Source: blog.p3k.org

8- Foul with Cumin from a street vendor in Saida corniche (don't forget to suck on the sour lemon slices, let someone film your face)

9- Corn on the cob from a street vendor (juicy & salty)

10- Sujuk Shawarma or Sujuk Sandwich from Mano or Bedo in Bourj Hammoud (thank God for Armenians)

11- Sfiha Baalbakiye (small minced meet pastry, this is the original taste)  

Lakkis Restaurant in Zahle

12- Uncle Deek Nescafé at Manara Corniche (then take a walk on the Corniche, a moment you will cherish forever)

Source:  Blogbaladi.com

13- Barbar snack restaurant in Hamra (perfect after a night out ;) )

Source: sobeirut.com

14- Gustav Innovation Sucrée Patisserie in Hamra (if you want innovative delicacies, head to my friends' place, don't forget to say hi to Khaled and Chef Nour)


15- Mankoushe at Snack Ghalayini in Hamra (there's something special about it)


16- Mankoushe Zaatar (thyme) with Bonjus juice (you can't come to Lebanon and not try this combo)

Source: stepfeed.com

17- Labneh and Arisheh + honey in Chtaura (for Dairy lovers)

Source: nogarlicnoonions.com

18- Kibbeh with Shahm (fat) at Ferdaws restaurant in Ehden (I have to admit, I don't eat fat, but the kibbeh was delicious)

19- Fries Sandwich in Lebanese bread (yes... it's a sandwich that has fries and coleslow in it and is just amazing)

Source: Menutabapp.com

20- Lebanese Burger and Chicken Escalope Sandwich (yes, we have our own special burger and our weird Escalope sandwich, just ask your local friend for a local snack restaurant, e.g. Tico Tico, Chaud Froid, Snack el Baba, Hammoudeh etc..)

21- Arayes Kafta (minced spiced meat in Lebanese bread) at a good Lebanese restaurant (Non-Lebanese, this will be a discovery for you, you can also spread Hommos and parsley on it)

22- Knefeh from L'abeille d'or or Hallab (And yes, we have it with bread, perfect after a night out)

23- Falafel Sahyoun (that will settle whether Falafel is Lebanese or not :P)

Source: tripadvisor.com

24- Kaak (type of bread) with cheese and sumac at Abu Arab (on the way to a road trip to properly fill your belly)


Source: nogarlicnoonions.com

25- Shawarma Joseph Restaurant in Sin el Fil (winner)

Source: nogarlicnoonions.com

26- Eggs with Awarma (to be honest, not a favorite for me but a favorite for many people, so if I don't include it on the list I will be banished) 

27- Foul with Hommos and Hommos Balila (there's more than one way to have hommos aka chickpeas)

Source: copad.com

28- Mante and Shish Barak (Armenian and Lebanese version of small meat dumplings, there's a vegetarian option with Spinach, go to Mayrig / or Le Chef  respectively in Gemmayze)

29- Halewe as well as Biscuit + Lokum also known as Raha (after lunch, sweet simple stuff are the best)

30- Local Pink huge Tomatoes from Bekaa or Keserwan (just to keep a healthy and juicy balance with pepper and salt)


source: theproudgarden.blogspot.com

Bonus: Eat a daily dish at Le Chef in Gemmayze. (Someone insisted I add this one and I agree, it's mentioned early but warrants a mention on its own. The place is not fancy and it's not Entrecote in Paris, it's a simple small place, with good food. It's an experience every visitor should try.)

Source: Plus961.com

I hope you're drooling by the end of this post. Enjoy eating in and exploring Lebanon, the kilos you will gain are worth it.


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