The beautiful and raw Sri Lanka, an unforgettable trip

Destination: Sri Lanka
Travel Companions: MAG Adventures Group
Duration: 4 days

Exactly two years ago, I joined a group of people and we visited Sri Lanka together for 4 days. It was a trip of a lifetime. Sri Lanka has the nicest and kindest people you will ever meet, and it has an untouched beautiful nature. Here's a video of our time there. If you're interested in visiting the Island and want to know more, let me know!

More photos:

Nice Family who welcomed us to their home

Lake Dambulla

Monkey Temple

Tea Plantation - Kandy
Pol Sambol - coconut and chili with homemade bread
Pineapple Time - Sri Lanka has the freshest and most delicious fruits!
Beautiful lady who made us the Pol Sambol and welcomed us to her home

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  1. Hi I know there could be a 100 answers to this but if you had 4 days again would you see Kathmandu, Sri Lanka, or Myanmar?

    1. Well, since I haven't been to Myanmar yet, I would pick Myanmar. And both Nepal and Sri Lanka are on my list to be honest, because I want to explore the rest of Nepal, and see the south of Sri Lanka. My choice would depend on how many days I can travel, if long trip I would choose Myanmar, short, the other two. Also would look at weather, because that's also a big factor :) and whether I want to chill or do more adventurous things.


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