Travel in one second with those 15 Instagram accounts

Instagram feed is pretty much what you make of it, since I love travel, adventure and photography, I thought I would share my personal* favorite accounts (adventure seekers, world travellers and amazing photographers of mostly nature / city / street / wildlife) and the windows they open for us to see the world through their lens in one session. These are in no particular order.

@highsteph - Steph Davis is a climber, base jumper, wingsuit flyer. What I love about her, is how active and courageous she is. I would love to be a wingsuit flyer one day, for now, I settle for her beautiful photos.

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@cristinamittermeier - Cristina Mittermeier is a photo journalist. What I love about her is her range in photography, which resonates with me a lot. From people, to landscape, to wild life to underwater photography. This woman shows you the world.

@paulzizkaphoto - Landscape and adventure photographer, mostly around Banff National Park and Canada. So if you follow this guy, expect a lot of icebergs and auroras. Utter beauty.

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@misscoolpics - Joanna Lemanska is based in Paris. And well you guessed it, if you love the streets of Paris or would love to visit Paris, you can definitely do so through her photos.

@ultraromance - Bené Turbo Romance. a cyclist who cycles all the time. Quit his job, and cycles from one place to another! He shares great photos on the way as well.

@andyto - Andy To is based in California. What I like about his photos is the simplicity even when taking photos of majestic objects.

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@afrenchtraveler - Bruno Maltor is a French travel blogger who shares beautiful Landscape photos.

@jordanjlee - Jordan Lee lives in the bay area in California. His photos can bring you warmth. Whenever you're feeling cold, this is the feed I recommend.

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@paulnicklen - Paul Nicklen, by far one of the best photographers in the world. He's actually a NatGeo photographer and public speaker. I would like to be adopted by him. He's a master of underwater life photography, and polar bears, and wild life. Prepare to be mesmerized.

A photo posted by Paul Nicklen (@paulnicklen) on

A photo posted by Paul Nicklen (@paulnicklen) on

@brianskerry - Brian Skerry also a wild life photojournalist for NatGeo. Very similar to Paul Nicklen's style. Wild life and underwater.

A photo posted by Brian Skerry (@brianskerry) on

@stolbyshkin - Anton Charushin, a russian traveler and photographer. His main style is the headstand everywhere he goes. Tough guy!

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@eyesonchinaproject - A group of photographers share photos of China. China is not exactly easy access, but with this account you get to see different styles of viewing and representing China. Not exactly the best photographers, but surely intriguing stories if you're China curious.

@mrdanielhan - Daniel Han, a traveler between the US and Canada. Most of his photos are Landscapes. And quite beautiful ones as well! If you want a piece of the West Coast, follow the dude.

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@loki_the_wolfdog - And here's a bonus account about Loki the wolf dog who's seen more of the world than many of us had ;). A beautiful Husky, you can feel that he is actually enjoying and appreciating this world

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* personal: These are my personal choices, I am an avid Instagram user and I find these on my own. No one influenced this list.


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