Talents in Lebanon - Artist / Painter: Rudy Chidiac

This is a very old series "Funky Talent" that I started doing in late 2006, there are 3 entries in it only, and now I am going to revive it with a new entry about one of the very popular talents however only few can mesmerize you with their work and keep you looking at them for some while. Thus I am honored and happy to introduce you to Rudy, one of my favorite talents in this world

Rudy Chidiac - Facebook - Deviantart

·     Howold are you? 20
·     When was your first drawing? 7 or 8 or even younger, drawing cartoon characters (Disney)
·     Do you draw from memory? Yes, I don't use reference pictures nor models
·     How do you feel when you draw? When I'm very concentrated about it, I kind of feelhigh, especially if I'm listening to my favorite bands. Maybe dreamy
·     Which are? Cocorosie, This mortal coil, Metallic Falcons
·     What inspires you and do you take a while to decide on it, or does it just come to you?  My ideas come very fast, I write them down soI don’t forget, and when I feel like drawing I chose from the "to-dolist". Sometimes I get ideas from dreams or sometimes when I start a workI see it complete in my dreams it happened with me twice - I even saw one ofthem in motion

A Bomb by Rudy Chidiac
"Sometimes I get ideas from dreams or sometimes when I start a work I see it complete in my dreams"

·     Preferred tools for drawing? I love drawing with pencils, but lately I'm using acrylic on canvas a lot.
·     How do you choose whether you want to paint, or draw? If I feel like showing thecolours, I paint, sometimes colours are a part of the whole concept. I can’tjust make it black and white. I might paint with black and white even, itdepends

Goauche by Rudy Chidiac

·     Did a period of time pass when you didn't want to draw at all? Yeah, it was in april2009 I guess for 4 months or more
·     What made you go back to drawing? I don't remember, but I don’t take art blocksseriously now, If I have a will I can draw, whatever comes to mind even if itwasn't very creative, I always draw now because usually art blocks are aboutlack of creativity
·     Do you share all your work online? No, I don't share everything, I sketch a lot
·     Why do you share your work online? I started with Deviantart, and I still share mywork there because its a great place to share and get inspired from others
·     Constructive criticism there? Not all the time! Then I made this Facebook page to make friends outside for Deviantart see them
·     Does getting good feedback encourage you to draw more? Yes of course, when you geedconstructive feedback you feel like drawing more and more. I sometimes getcritics, bad ones but It doesn't affect me because I know my weak points, and Iknow how to improve them.
·     How do you deal with jealous peeps? I won’t stop making good projects so they[classmates] don’t feel jealous
·     You feel like they're not telling you anything new or anything that you don't knowalready when people flatter you? Yes, it's alwaysthe same I don’t always get quality feedback, I get "wow" and"perfect" and stuff however quality feedback is usually honest.Either ways, feedback can be exciting.
·     Who's your favorite painter? Salvador Dali. I also love Michelangelo so much andWilliam Adolphe Bougereau
·     Is your style inspired by either one of them? In 2009/2010 I used to draw verybasic classical things, I was very inspired by renaissance as in Michelangelothen I started to change my style into surreal and Dali is my inspiration now
·     You don't draw like Dali, you have your own style, correct? I don’t draw like Dali.It's a whole different kind of technique.

Sea, Swallow Me by Rudy Chidiac

·     Do you think you're as good as Dali? Hmm, in technique, yes maybe. Not as good as himbut still I can reach him. But in creativity and originality of ideas, ofcourse not. I hope someday I can be as creative as him. I love doing surrealbut with realistic elements, surreal concepts
·     Do you think Lebanon stops you from reaching your potential? Do you feel you need tobe some place else? Well Lebanon is not a great place for artists and I’mlooking forward to travel to Italy after I finish my graphic design studies.
·     Where in Italy and what are you going to do there?
 I’m not sure, maybe study artsplastiques there, it's just a dream. If you're wondering why Italy, it'sbecause I think that Italy appreciates art the most
·     How do your parents feel about your talent? Do you get support from them? They'reproud, dad is a fashion designers so he understands me but he always givesnegative feedback, he thinks its the only way to improve, but actually its not.
·     He never gives you positive feedback? Even on rare occasions? Yes, when he talksabout me to his friends and stuff, he's simply honest with me, he's proud also.
·     Dali had a muse, what about you? Dali had Gala, I don’t think I have someone that inspiresso much, yet.

by Rudy Chidiac

·     Tell me about the Greek mythology.
In early 2009 I was very into classical art and Greek / roman art is themost classical prehistoric period wait its not pre historic but it’s the mostclassical ancient civilization so I was very inspired by them I made a seriesof 20 drawings representing 20 Gods and Goddesses it was a huge push for me. Someof the drawings are copied by famous painters some are my original ideas.
·     Where do you see yourself? I see myself as a painter, definitely not in Lebanonthough. I have some personal pieces I wouldn’t want to give them away like thisone (check below):

I am the Cosmos by Rudy Chidiac

·     Yes, I remember I wanted to buy it! But you said no
·     Anyway, tell me about the painting: She represents Gaia, Mother Nature. You can see theEarth sign on her dress, on the chest. It’s a circle with a + sign into it
·     Is this the only mosaic piece of art you've ever done? Yes it was the first, and the last. I worked so hard on it! :P 
·     Are you modest? When it comes to my talent I don’t think I’m that modest, not that I’m selfish no but I’mproud of myself.

And this is Rudy in a nutshell, I hope you got to know him more in this small profiling, you will know him more through his work, don't forget to check his Facebook and DeviantArt. I personally think he's going places and has a lot of talent.  


  1. This Mortal Coil, I will never ever ever ever stop liking their debut album It'll End In Tears one of those truly rare sacred objects made available to general public. Even the artwork is a work of Art.

    How do you interview the artists, "live" or by mail ? Anyway, thank you for giving us an insight into their Art.
    Beautiful drawings & paintings, the guy is gifted.

    1. Was via chat :)

      Thank you for your comment. He definitely is.


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