Tales from Beirut with Funk - The Ka3ke story

Ka3ke 3mol ma3rouf  - Photo taken by yours truly

كعك كععععععععك، صرخ بيّاع الكعك

تجاهلتو الست، بتكون عم بتفكر بل ريجيم تبعا.

كعك كعععععك، صرخ بيّاع الكعك هوي وعم يبعّد شوي شوي . كان صار شي ٥٠ متر بعيد وقت الستّ غيرت رأيا..

"كعكه!!!"... صرختلو الستّ. "كعكه!" عيطّت بصوت أقوى بس بطريقة إنو هي مش كتير عم تتعب عل موضوع

"نعم ستنا!" بياع الكعك جاوب، وبرم عربيّتو ١٨٠ درجه، وراح صوب البناية، صفّ العربية تحت البلكون وقال: "بدٍّك ياها مع سمّاء ستنا؟"

"لأ!" جاوبتو بكل ثقة، "بس جبنة "بيكون" عمول معروف!" بهل وقت، نزّلتلو السلّة من البلكون عندا، حطت فيا مصاري بحقّ الكعكه، ونطرت بيّاع الكعك يحطّلا الكعكه بمقابل هل مصريّات.

"تكرم عينك ستنا! أطيب كعكه لإلِك" ردّ عليها بيّاع الكعك.


- Ka3ek ka3iiiiiiiiiiik! yelled the ka3k salesman.
The lady ignored him, she's probably thinking of her diet.
- Ka3k ka3iiiiiiiiiiiiiiik... and the ka3ek dude strolled away, about 50 meters before El Sitt changed her mind.
- "Ka3keh!!!"... The lady screamed! "Ka3kehhhh!" she yelled again even stronger but still doing it in a way where she appears as not trying too hard
- "Yes Mam!" The Ka3ke salesman, stopped his cart, turned it 180 degrees and went towards her building and parked below her balcony. "Would you like simma2 with it Mam?"
- "No!" she said with confidence, "Just picon cheese please!" meanwhile she lowered the basket from her balcony with the Ka3ke's money in it, waiting for the ka3ke dude to put it inside the basket in exchange for that money
- "You're welcome mam! The most delicious Ka3ke, coming right up" (literally) The Ka3ke dude answered.


  1. great, now i crave a ka3ke picon! thanks Lil! :@ :p
    la2 seriously, my best summer memories are, while heading to the south for the day, when we stopped by the road to go to a specific little rest: the king of ka3ke (can't remember the exact name though :s)
    yalla summer! i can't wait to see Leb again!

  2. didielb, is it called "Abu 3arab" by any chance? ;) now I want a ka3ke haha

  3. yessssss! omg thank you! i couldn't remember the name and it was kinda torturing :p

  4. Hilarious! I always wondered about those baskets! When did they first come into use, and why? During the war I imagine?

  5. Long time before the war.

    My grand mother used to do the same when she was making "her shopping" in Douma :) a small village in the caza of batroun. Got a picture of that, guessing it is from the 50's, maybe even sooner

  6. Frenchy wow... i love old photos, do share. on that note, did you see oldbeirut.tumblr.com ?

  7. Hello Liliane,

    Well, about old memories, since a newspaper stole some of the pictures I published on the net, (it was resolved then à l'amiable by the payement of a fee to a NGO after threatening them with a trial not in Lebanon but on their main market abroad as I do possess the nationality of that country), I am not publishing anything on public sites. Just using flickr and with the copyright rights.

    I heard about old beirut tumblr :)


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