Gorillaz at Byblos Intl Festival

I can't believe that Gorillaz are performing in Lebanon. I am so happy to see this. I had heard rumors, and thank god it's true. They will be performing in Byblos International Festival.

Another great news was knowing that Mashrou' Leila, who is a Lebanese band, is also going to be performing in Byblos. I am very proud of this! Especially that Byblos festivals attract mostly western tourists, therefore this will be a great opportunity for Mashrou' Leila to be exposed to the western world.

Check more on the festival here www.byblosfestival.org. Also check my older post on other festivals in Lebanon.

For purchasing tickets online, you can do so from Virgin's www.ticketingboxoffice.com

Reminder, Placebo are performing in Forum De Beyrouth on June the 9th. 

I am buying my tickets, TODAY :D


  1. I just bought tickets for Jesse Cook, the Flamenco guitarist..so excited, I think I'm going to end up spending the night there as well..what a shame that Gorillaz is on a Tuesday! Bleh, I won't be able to make it..

  2. So what if it's on a tuesday! come on !!!


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