Where to go when you visit Lebanon - Site 3: Jbeil (aka Byblos)

Took this with a film camera in early 1999 or 2000, that old!

My favorite city in Lebanon. I love going there. It is just mind-blowing. It has the best horizons an eye can see, colorful sunsets, amazing food, old souk (market) to check out and buy souvenirs from, and it is in itself one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. It is not just a city on the beach, it is a archeological site as well. If you like swimming, if you just like sitting by the beach, or walking by the beach, going on a trip in a boat, fishing, dining with a view, walking inside the city and visiting shops, shopping in the old Byblos souk (market), visiting museums (wax, fish fossils...), archeological sites and churches, sitting on the marina and chilling... Then this is the place to be!

Old Byblos Souq

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Old Souk - Byblos

Byblos (biblical Gebal, modern Jbeil) is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. According to Phoenician tradition it was founded by the god El who surrounded his city with a wall. The massive Early Bronze Age city walls (2800 B.C.) on the site reflect this early religious belief. Thus Byblos was considered, even by the ancient Phoenicans, to be a city of great antiquity. Click here to read more.

Always good for a sunset!


  1. Yalla, when you come to Lebanon, you'll go!

  2. Oh Liliane, you just touched my heart. I love this city, and it's my favourite too! I was born in Jbeil, and since childhood I spend my summers there. There are too many feelings associated with it...


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