Friday, August 30, 2013

Help needed for Roger Dahan

Being in the US for a while now, we saw homeless people on the streets all the time. In Los Angeles, there is actually a neighborhood just for homeless people where they can literally install their tents or whatever form of habitat they have put together. It's too expensive to help these persons as they will always go back to the streets, municipality decided to make an area for them as it would be better to put them away from more popular shopping streets, that would affect the look of the street and the sentiments of tourists to spend.

In Lebanon, once more, it has proven to be a small village. My eyes filled up with tears when I saw this Facebook page created by few people who care about the homeless man Roger Dahan who usually walks around in Mar Mkhael and was found laying on a street corner with blood coming out of his head.

It is very nice and of good intentions from them to make this page and gather help in different means to be able to provide medical care for Mr. Dahan.

Lebanon is still a small country where people care for each other, something great to see, and with the help of people like those behind of this page, we might do a little on a national scale but it sure matters to the individual.

Update on Donations:

For donations, you can send money through Western Union to Lea Maria Comaty and then inform her with the reference number on this phone number: +961 71 395 343. If you are living abroad, you will need to provide an address while making the transfer, address is the following:

Ashrafieh, Rmeil, Qobayet Street, Haddad Building.

Also Jihan Khoury is collecting clothes donations, you can call her on +961 3 464 542. Currently collecting:

  • Pants size 42
  • Long sleeves shirts size XL
  • Slippers size 45
  • Blankets
  • Other personal and hygienic items.

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  1. They changed the location of donation, it's not at osteria anymore. If you want to donate you need to call Jihane: 71123444 and set a meeting with her.