Saturday, August 24, 2013

Governmentlessness, explosion-ful, terrorists and more sectarianism.

What I meant with the whole CEO post (posted 3 days ago): 
Ministries should be treated / behave as departments; at the beginning of every quarter, half of year and year, goals are set, and if they are not met over and over, consequences are due. It's about incentives and setting out goals, having the right team work on things with the right tools and support and taking responsibility for their own actions and being accountable for them.

One of our biggest problems in Lebanon is trying to form a government of all colors:
A government where all colors exist because we want to please everyone (that's super ironic though). Last time I checked, there is a system and it is called democracy. If this is followed properly, governments will end up having a certain color, and that's okay, it's democracy and that is why opposition is crucial to the matter, because we need to have constructive criticism and improve for the best. Idealistic demand? Perhaps, but the trick here is to educate every single person in Lebanon to eventually have such high standards and expectations from their government and the opposition and hold them accountable to their actions and decisions.

Coalitions to hold politicians responsible for their decisions & actions:
The amount that politicians steal from us is not that much of a problem. Honestly, go ahead steal, as long as you still do your job and help this country. Do 50% of what you're supposed to because right now you are doing nothing. The salaries we pay for parliament members; we will get to a day where we hold you accountable for what you should be doing. We should form coalitions focusing our own ministers and parliament members, set goals for them and see them through, put roadmaps and check on them.

Media to be neutral in critical times:
Finally, I would like to see the media in Lebanon be on such coalitions' sides as opposed to promoting hatred and sectarianism for viewership. F*ck viewership, use your power and influence to change this country to the better. Because we are not at a place where we can afford propaganda, we have reached survival mode and we cannot regress anymore. Coalitions shouldn't have one color and one sect, because the purpose should be far away from criticizing a politician because he/she belongs to the opposing political party of ours. We should reach a point where we criticize politicians no matter what their political affiliation or sect is.

My 2 liras.

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  1. Great post, Liliane. I totally agree with you about your statement "One of our biggest problems in Lebanon is trying to form a government of all colors: A government where all colors exist because we want to please everyone...). Unfortunately, sectarianism and religious extremism are like a cancer, destroying our country and causing lots of trouble and pain to the whole region. When are we going to wake up from this darkness and stupidity and focus on building a better future for us and for our children. Keep it up!