Wednesday, August 21, 2013

CEO to run Lebanon as a company

One day you were working for a company where you had to pay for your coffee there, another day you find yourself working for a company that has a “walking workstation”; a desk that allows you to walk on a treadmill while working to help you circulate the blood in your body and keep you fit and healthy.

When you reach a point where you see luxury redefined and experience first world problems (free burger restaurant closing at 3pm or free snack stand missing your favorite snack), one look back to “messy and deprived” home can give you an electric shock with high voltage. 
Source: Lara Sakr

What is my home? My home is a place where people stick papers on their window shops asking “them” not to place explosions near by as they are already in debt and can’t afford to lose more. Excuse me, say what? Insurance? Let us all laugh together at that shy thought that just occurred to you. 

After working for such a big company, you see the way it operates and you realize that if such a multi-national company serving more than 1 billion monthly active user can operate successfully, structure its organizations and give their employees a great and challenging environment to work for, then there is hope for a country with 4 million to do this same.
The trick is to hire talented people, promote integrity within the team, encourage ambition, provide you with enough tools and freedom to think outside the box, push to change course quickly and remain flexible to fix a problem before it gets big. 
If I want to see my Lebanon function properly, we need a good CEO whose sole purpose is to see this country grow, its people work together for a better Lebanon but at the same time work independently on own projects and succeed. We need a good CEO who hires ministers that are competent and qualified, who in turn hire competent and qualified people for their ministries (as opposed to: bayyo mse3ad bayye, w hayda min yamna...). We need to show the citizens that your sect, your background, your gender, any definition of who you are besides your drive, qualifications and skills, is not a factor in getting the job. When they see this revamp in our government, we will encourage those people to vote for adequate and trust worthy parliament members, away from the political party they belong to.

Source: Unknown (Most probably photoshopped) - But you get the idea behind the sarcasm
There should not be “political” parties anymore; there should be departments and teams. For our country to thrive and reach its best version, we need to treat it as a multinational company.
If you allow your people to be free and creative, they will do it for the benefit of all. Negative competition and vibes will vanish and become trivial. Everyone would get to a point of being ashamed of such thoughts that you won’t need to impose rules and laws, ideas and slogans to prevent them. It’s not about you or me, it’s about us all. 
Lebanon right now sounds like the company where we have to buy our own coffee. Remember, we are all employees, and there is no chance to hire or fire. Fact is, we are all in this together, and we better start being polite, peaceful and kind to each other, develop skills and work from the bottom up while hoping that in parallel some good CEO works from up to bottom to fix this country.


  1. Such a wonderful proposition. Do you think it can be applied to a country? Do you think the people are ready to give up their divisions and work together? How can that be applied?

    1. This is more of a two to three decade plan. Nothing that can be done over night.