Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Lessons I learned this past year

Dublin - August 2012
2012 taught me 10 things:

  1. You can never predict your future. 
  2. A decision can truly alter your life one direction or the other. Weigh pros & cons, but at the end, go with your instinct.
  3. Eventually you are bound to go back on the path you were supposed to be on
  4. Do not underestimate. Do not expect a lot. Keep the balance
  5. Make the best out of wherever you are
  6. People will only see what they want to see in order to justify / explain / make sense out of things they are going through. Therefore whatever they're feeling, it's their problem and not your responsibility.
  7. Never regret, as difficult as things may get.
  8. Cherish distance for it will reveal true friends.
  9. Cherish distance for it will make new friends.
  10. Lists are always more impacting when they contain 10 points.
Here's a bonus lesson I learned from someone at work: "If you don't find it challenging, it means you're not learning anything new". 

And another bonus one, something I wrote a while ago, in response to the previous bonus lesson: 
 "Walking away is not always giving up, sometimes it's just moving on."


  1. A simple comment today: All the best for this new year!

  2. Absolutely, move on and hope to see you in Dubai soon :-)

  3. #10 and the quote at the end = awesome! great post. all very true, thanks for sharing!