Monday, November 19, 2012

Helping restore hope in humanity, one blog post, one share at a time

Even with the so much darkness and ugliness we see everywhere all over the world, in some places more than others, one small gesture in an airport by one traveler to another can change your whole perception. Well maybe not your whole perception but at least your mood.

Act of Kindness...
While waiting at the gates to board for our planes in CDG, a young woman dropped an A4 paper folded 4 times, and didn't notice; a man sitting beside me (and myself) saw that, the man had already started waving in order to get the woman's attention, but instead another young woman girl noticed the man and then saw the paper. So she picked it up and had to kind of run behind the other woman in order to catch up with her. She ran for almost 20 meters (I kept looking to see what's going to happen), then she poked her and gave it to her. The first woman said thank you and the second just came back to her seat.

Why would someone do this effort really? Is the paper really that important? The first woman didn't even realize what the second woman did. Why did the second woman do that? 

I'll tell you why, it's maybe because they know that if it had happened to them, they would've wanted someone to do the same for them.

Sadly, it's not a rule, just an exception. That wasn't much of an effort running for 20 meters by carrying your bag, and the girl would've probably just said her name and they would've tried to print her another boarding pass (maybe it wasn't a boarding pass in the first place). But that's not the point, is it?

Would you pick up someone who fell on the street? Who's bleeding or having some kind of crisis? How far can our kindness go? Would it go further than our insensitivity?

People dying in revolutions in so many countries, we don't even react. Because, unfortunately most times there is nothing we can do, and because we have become desensitized, shamefully.

The good Samaritan
What we can do is, at least pick up the paper that fell from a stranger in front of us and try to help them save some time in the future having to deal with losing that paper.

As dark and ugly as the world can get, and as desperate and frustrated we feel at days, a stranger can make us smile because they took time of their lives to facilitate ours (maybe).

My say
I wrote this when I was in the airport, and wasn't sure if it was sharing. But seeing the recent sad news that is happening in Gaza, Syria (Almost 2 years), the forgotten Iraq (close to a decade), and the regional playground Beirut, and more and more and more... Then today, I saw 220 thousand shares for this video

Watch this!
It's not the best production video, it's not the best hollywood movie this year, it's just security cams catching good deeds. And people are sharing it like crazy because we need to make sure there is a balance between good and bad, light and dark, beauty and ugliness. We need this. So I will share it too, in hope that it would restore a bit of hope in the humanity.

There are a lot of good people out there, if you don't see them, then be one.


  1. Hi,
    I love sharing a smile with strangers everyday, it's in my DNA. This world has always been fidgety, disquieting often because of human actions. The human being, this predator animal, selfish, conceited, irresponsible, busy strive to prepare its own extinction. Sad, It's not another stupid hollywood movie, welcome in the Anthropocene.

    Finally, what is the purpose of our existence on this Earth ? I quote the last sentence of your post : There are a lot of good people out there, if you don't see them, then be one and I would say : leave something inside everybody's heart or within everyone.

    Nice week, see you next time.

    1. Thanks for your comment Christian! Have a great week yourself. Until the next post :)

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