Saturday, October 13, 2012

Distance, the black & white

Barefoot - Taken by yours truly in Dun Laoghaire - Dublin
Being & living abroad is kind of the organic method to clean your friends list. It reveals a lot about people you knew in your previous life. It's true that with social networks, you are still virtually connected and it's not the same as for those who used to immigrate 50 years ago; being disconnected while relying on making one weekly phone call to their family or worse sending out letters that took weeks or months to arrive.

Being far reveals a lot about a lot. Some people kind of fade away with time, even the nature of their relationship with you shows its true face, and some others emerge just like a crocodile in a river; it was always there but you didn't notice. Maybe this was one of the reasons I had decided to leave Lebanon, after knowing so many people for so much time, between school & colleges, several jobs and different encounters, you're left with no time to be you and think. You're just going with the flow.

It's true that sometimes you just want to be alone, but in a small country like Lebanon you end up being dragged out of the house for a dinner here or drink there, and on the way run into other people, and while being there run into another group, and then going for Barbar with a fourth group.

It's hectic, it's busy, and many people loved it, including myself. It makes everyone an extrovert, gives you rarely any time to reflect and wonder whether there should be something else you should be looking for and wondering about in your life. Let's put it this way, it's a circle, and you're way in the middle, getting out is quite an effort. However, if you get to keep hanging out near the circumference, you get to jump out of the circle when you can without having to push your way out.

Being in a new country immediately implicates few friends. And not just any friends, you kind of become very selective. After all it's a new start. Distance allows you to see things clearer. Yes, I know, previous sentence is very contradictory, but it's true.

And with time, you start longing for things and missing people you never thought they were a big part of your life. Fresh perspective, they call it. Distance teaches a lot. It helps clear your head and clean it from unwanted memories.

I just wished I discovered this gem when I was much younger. I would have loved the chance to live in different countries for so many years. I would definitely recommend starting out this journey by studying abroad.

Hoping that my posts recently aren't disappointing readers who were used to rants about Lebanon. Fresh perspective you see.