Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why some people should move out of their country

When I moved to Dublin, I wasn't sure what I would be able to blog about, since my blog is purely dedicated to Lebanon and Beirut in terms of social, human rights, politics and entertainment. At one point I thought maybe I can compare. But I thought before I make a decision, I want to be quiet for a while, soak things in and see where that leads me. Today, I decided to simply blog about any idea that comes to my mind. And I hope you like this new kind of posts.

This post is not dedicated to "Lebanese" people where I tell them to leave Lebanon. This is for some people (whatever their citizenship), telling them to move out and go live in another country. This is not for everyone, but it is surely for some. "Which ones?" you might ask.

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These are the people that always feel like whatever they do, something remains missing. It's not because they're greedy and can never be satisfied, it's just because they're not comfortable in their comfort zone. Confusing, I know!
Port of Dun Laoghaire - South of Dublin

Logical approach: You are born in a country which you did not choose to be born in. So by default, you are not exactly at that perfect place for you. There is a chance that your home country is the right place for you, and a chance that it's not.

What is the right place for you? It's the place where you release all your potential, a place where it inspires and feeds your creativity so you can come up with better art work, a place that challenges you to become a better person, a place that teaches you lessons you wouldn't be able to be exposed to back home. It's self-exploration, it's world-exploration, it's definitely an adventure and a new experience as outcome.

You might always go back and find that your home country is your home, or you might change countries every once in a while or you can just settle abroad. There is not one answer to the formula.

Needless to say that there are a lot of ugly things in the world, but at the same time there are just too many things that you have no idea they exist and being out there gives you a chance to bridge that gap bit by bit.

This post is for you, that person who has been afraid to make a change because they're used to being in that place they own, that social life they mastered and those good times with their family, yet they always feel like there is more for them out there. 

And remember, whatever decision you make, don't doubt it because whatever decision you take, is the right decision for you. I learned this thanks to my good friend K.
It's not an accomplishment to master things in your comfort zone, you need to put yourself out there and see what you're really made of.

Grand Canal - Dublin

My thought for today, blogging from Dublin with Funk.

Photos taken by yours truly in Dublin, you can check my instagram for when I am too lazy to carry the DSLR


  1. inspiring thoughts :) well put lil

  2. That inspiring , but what if that person want to leave his home town but doesnt know how ??!!

    1. Ali, there are two problems in life (as a friend told me once):
      1- You don't know what your problem is / what you want
      2- You how what it is, but don't know how to fix it / get there

      I guess you're in #2. Start by researching, asking, seeing what you could do out there, whether it's studying or working. Start digging somewhere.

  3. Well written, result of a deep reflection and logical conclusion. It's an evolution according to the context, a zeitgeist within you in sum.

    Once upon a time is past, the past is ended. Today (this entry) is the preview of tomorrow, the light of the future is the light which is to be: you made the right choice for you but also for our (the readers) happier point of view, I think.

    What would you say to someone whose parents made their careers overseas, who is born abroad, who has lived for 15 years in different countries, only returned to his "country" for the holidays and this every two years... and who never find himself like the other on many aspects but staying loyal ?

    See you soon.

    1. Christian, home is where the heart is. It doesn't matter where you are born, sometimes you just need to get out even if you live in the best country. I guess this post can still apply on that person.