Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Botox, Rooftops, Clans and Military Wings

Taken from twitter parody account
So I decided to watch today's Prime Time news on MTV. And with every news, I felt like it was a Deja Vu.

Al Mokdad trying to take over fighting against Free Syrian Army with their "Military Wing". They're from Baalbeck and we all know it's its own government there, it's at the borders with Syria, and during the Golden days... well 2 words: Weapons and Iran.

My thoughts? It's not really about the kidnapping, they say they're not affiliated with Hezbollah, I agree, they are under the wing of Hezbollah. Hezbollah can no longer pull such games in Lebanon because well they are now part of the government and a whole legitimate political part, so they delegated it. The start of Al Mokdad also reminds me of when Hezbollah started more than 2 decades ago.

Government is quiet, and if they made any statement, it's lame, silly, useless.

Then Teachers syndicate is protesting wages. Every single year. EVERY SINGLE YEAR! And the "academic year" is threatened. Yes but of course, proper education is overrated anyway.

So those guys, McDads, want to stay in Power, Hezbollah want Assaad to remain in Power, they want to still be connected to Iran, they're playing what it seems as their last card as everything else failed.

So now, McDads, want to fight, from Lebanon, they want to include Qatar and Saudi for a more impactful tactic.

Conclusion? It's 1990s all over again, it's stupid Lebanese politicians who only care about being rich, it's militias who want to remain in Power, it's a playground for the region. And finally Syria always drags Lebanon into shit, and this time, its own shit. وحدة المصير والمسار

Of course, there is always mis-information by the media, the 11 kidnapped in Syria have been killed, then the 11 kidnapped were not killed... so what is it?

My analysis might not go in depth because 10 years ago I noticed every news episode was a Deja Vu and decided to only check up on it once in a while. However, core stays the same, only the players (somehow) change and main victim remains countries like Lebanon whose leaders don't care about it.

This is just sad and frustrating and depressing.

Keep voting for the same stupid leaders elections every elections. And be happy with videos about Lebanon that show our rooftops. Also be thankful that our banks have loans for plastic surgeries. Maybe we should have plastic surgery with lotsa botox maybe it will get into our head that it will help us accept all this corruption and chaos.

p.s. This time it is not just a muscle-show like May 7, this time it's the real thing. And I truly hope I'm wrong.


  1. Really if there is anything we can is write , blog and make ppl wake up!
    Your post is our sword against these barbaric acts!

    Today we saw that not all ppl are created equal indeed, some are stupid than other, some are emotionally blind more than others, and some are sheeps....

    1. Our words won't make a change. It's possibly simply our own way of venting and not going nuts. I have given up on the fact that my thoughts will make a change in Lebanon.

  2. There is always something happening in Lebanon. when I was a child, one day I asked my mother about Lebanon and she said me: "a country whose name is synonymous with war. Beirut has never ceased to be disfigured, but the city has always recovered from "évènements!"

    In '96, I was 12 and the news reports about Operation Grapes of Wrath made my friend Tamie, a Lebanese girl (probably the best friend I ever had, she was like my sister) anxious and suffering, far from her land. I made ​​this promise to her: one day I will visit Lebanon. So this is why I have Lebanon somewhere in my mind.

    Lebanon has no chance, playground for the others. Your neighbors are jealous!
    I don't believe in those wars conducted by "us" there in order to stop the China's growth, to reassure Israel's military imperium. The final act will be Iran. And as we're in economic crisis and highly addicted to oil, I'm afraid for the future. Don't know where this world is going to.