Thursday, March 15, 2012

You don't own her, she is not your slave, you're xenophobic

Father forgive them, for they know not what they do (Luke 23:34).  

Racism comes from xenophobia and lack of knowledge and understanding of the case the person is in or is facing. I know people who do not realize that those "domestic workers" are human beings.

I will make things short of why the hiring maids system in Lebanon is erroneous in principle thus will never work properly and by transition it will make the persons who hire them human beings as maids become racist as well:
  1. Most of those women did not have a choice when they left their countries
  2. Most of those women are extremely poor
  3. Most of those women come from areas where they don't know much about technology or our lifestyle.
  4. Most of those women.. oh wait... all of those women are... wait for it... HUMAN BEINGS and not cleaning machines.
  1. You don't own her
  2. She's just an employee, who's working to earn money... YOU DON'T OWN HER
  3. She is not stupid, she just wasn't exposed to things we were. You are not smarter than her, also... YOU DON'T OWN HER
  4. You are not allowed, for any, ANY absolute reason or logic or rational or whatever to LOCK HER so she won't run away, or steal from you, or date the other foreigner who works down the street. If you don't want to hold such a responsibility of letting her have her freedom which is her right as a human being, then by all means, go clean after yourself please. Or hire maids on a daily basis.
That is why the system is wrong, if you RACIST agencies would like to keep having jobs and creating job opportunities, be my guests, but change the system, either make sure the family that is hiring the human being's services own an extra room, where she provides a schedule working hours (like all of us employees do), or rent a building where all of those women can live, and go to work 5 or 6 days a week.

Listen... how would you feel if you knew your mom is not allowed to go out on Sunday, and is locked in the house at all times?

How would you feel if the house went on fire and you had locked your "slave" in so she doesn't steal from you or has a bit of fun with a friend?

Wake up my dear... wake up... You're racist. I don't blame you directly, but I will blame you if you continue to disregard the concept of humanity, freedom, and human rights after knowing about what happened with Dechasa. Educate yourself, I believe you can be a better person, just like how we all worked on getting rid of our xenophobic moments because we were brought in a society that is xenophobic.


  1. Not to mention the withholding of their passports, among other institutionalized racist practices.

    1. True, I forgot this detail. Thanks Fadi.

    2. Not a detail at all! I beleive this is the worst thing you can do for a human being. A part for criminals, by what right someone can deprive someone else of his IDENTITY.Disgusting...
      I am sometimes really ashamed of being lebanese

  2. I haven't done the relation with this entry till I saw this sad story on TV5's news two days ago. I was thinking this kind of modern slavery almost eradicated. I knew it was happening again in Dubai but in Lebanon :( I've no voice, I'm disgusted.

    There is still much to do in this world for making it a better place. Thank you for your courageous post, Liliane.
    This puts many things into perspective, I come back down to earth. Jurisprudence should play its role.

    Christian (Belgium)