Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Over-sharing leads to a deaf ear

I am one person, I am not a newsroom. I cannot RT every cause, and talk about every issue on my blog. Recently, the amount of press releases we receive on a daily basis, or the "post suggestions" for that matter, is ridiculous.

Let me tell you one thing, I can't just write about everything and advocate about every cause, even though I respect them and agree with them... When I do that, I become a bot, a machine, and I overwhelm my readers with all these information or deals or offers or causes or awareness campaigns. Consequently, when I overwhelm them, I will saturate them, and I will lose them as loyal readers as well as my credibility.

So please, consider your digital marketing campaign before you send out press releases to every blogger out there, avoid bombarding everyone with a like competition on facebook (here's a post I've written about the matter "Milking Social Media"), and kindly note that creating a facebook page and twitter account and thinking you've got it all covered, is code for hallucination.

The world is changing on a daily basis, because we are too, and it is fast paced. No one has the ultimate digital strategy, and no one can guarantee ROI. Question is, what do you think you can do? 

On that note, there was some really good online campaigns that took place last year in the region, therefore I would like to shed like on this great challenge offered by ArabNet Me (here is a little background about them).

If you have already led a full fledged digital marketing strategy for an actual initiative or brand, if you're a business or an individual, and would like to be accredited for your hard work and get exposure, make sure you put together a study about what you did and submit it before March 8. At the end of the day, you might actually get the chance to win this title: Best Digital Marketing Campaign in 2012.

"Submitted case studies will be judged by ArabNet and its panel of ACSC Judges, drawn from top global agencies, brands, and publishers."

For more details, you can visit the related page on their website here.

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  1. I'm also sick and tired of people asking me to "like" a picture on a certain Facebook page so that their cousin, ten-times removed, will win, and then berate me for not doing what they asked!
    People need to understand that though this is all digital, it should not overshadow the fact that social media is human-powered, and should take heed as to not use it counter intuitively.

  2. the use of social media amongst the population is an evolutionary process. it has to go through the phases that we are witnessing before it "matures" and grows into something more profound and effective.

    I believe the whole landscape will change - the social media landscape that is. The thing that will keep this from happening sooner, the evolution, is the fact that so many (people and companies) are still not on the wagon... So we have to wait for them to get on the wagon, come to the same realizations, and then it will all start to shift.

    it will take time, but i see it happening very soon.

    1. Agreed! So I hope my post (and many other bloggers' posts help things mature a bit)

  3. Bloggers keep on saying that to companies yet they still get those 'Dear Blogger'. Plus commercial companies expect them to make a buzz for free.

    Dear companies, the one who will win the title will get the buzz without even asking for it. How is that for a change? :)

    1. My favorite was "Dear Social Media" LOL... wlek eh ana el social media killa la2an