Monday, February 13, 2012

Lebanon #159 when it comes to internet speed, good news for Arabnet!

If you remember my post last year about Lebanon being the #1 country - from the bottom of the list - worldwide when it comes to Download Speed (I am sure you do *dusts off her left shoulder with her right hand*). I come to you this year with slightly better news. Last year's post was probably the most visited post on my blog, because we Lebanese knew that we had awful internet, but we didn't expect to be the worst worldwide.

After the Ontornet Campaign and other campaigns such as Flip the switch and Lebanese want fast internet, pressure on the Telecom Ministry finally resulted in improvement of our Internet state. We are now proudly #159 in the whole world, this means there are 13 countries that are worse than us *puts shades on*.

This country ranks in 159th place. Results were obtained by analyzing test data between Jan 13, 2012 and Feb 11, 2012. Tests from 120,280 unique IPs have been taken in this country and of 508,120 total tests, 74,855 are being used for the current Index.

Now, I am not sure how reliable NetIndex can be or is, but given the number of tests they carry, this is quite believable. It relies on tests made on If anyone has better input on this, please come forward. Also it seems that Sodetel are delivering the best connection. Moreover the Download speed in Tripoli is better than in Beirut. Details here.

Internet has improved, but is not impressive yet. In fact, and this is coming from my own personal experience, sometimes the internet is as slow as dial-up days. I am not quite sure what's happening here, because other days it's quite fine! Are we still fixing stuff?

Now what does the internet connection have to do with Arabnet?
In other news, if you remember during last year's Arabnet event, a lot of people complained about the internet, and I kept seeing #Ontornet & @ontornet come up in the stream, and that pretty sad (slow internet slows the mind) however hopefully this year it won't be the same because we are now #159!

Arabnet is quite the leading tech event in the region, it's The Digital Summit and it's in its 3rd edition - taking place end of March - that has now expanded into 5 days that are spread over:
  • Developer days
  • Industry days
  • Forum days
  • Community day
You can check more details about these days and attend the ones you find most relevant to you (just ask yourself, are you a developer? an entrepreneur? a media / techy person?). Moreover there are, as usual, competitions & ideathon & startup demos, so if you're that person who has an idea or wants to become the next successful entrepreneur, you should probably start here, maybe it's for you, maybe it isn't, but you won't know unless you try, and by personal experience, Arabnet is the right place to meet all the key industry people! Networking is by far the best thing about such events.

I can happily say that this year I am going to make it to the event and as a matter of fact, I am one of their official bloggers. So you can stay tuned for more news, and if you have any questions, ask away!


  1. If there are 13 countries worse than us, that means that we are from the worst 15 *ba dum tss*

  2. It's a good start, but honestly I didn't realize we were still so bad..

  3. Ghassan and Sareen... oh yes we are... yes we are. Because while we improved a bit, others improved A LOT.

  4. WTF its verry bad enternet , verry slow , we are from the worst countries .......