Friday, February 10, 2012

From Beirut with Funk, has been facebooked

Yes, it took me that long! But in my defense, I always felt that those Facebook fan pages are overrated and should only be done on select few blogs. However, with the recent incorporation of the like button with the posts themselves, I felt that this was extremely useful, moreover, I usually link to this blog from my own personal account, but the posts get lost within the timeline, whereas I love to keep all the feedback reachable, especially that some people like to reply on facebook, some like it here.

So, without no further a due, please meet the newly inception called "From Beirut with Funk" on Facebook, where the discussion can be here and there but at least, interlinked :)

Like it if you like it, and like it if you hate it but still check every post ;)


  1. Yay! At last hehe. On a personal note, I love having a FB page! Trust me it's so much fun :D

  2. Looks like it! Plus I will put content there that is not big / important enough to go on the blog. Make it different than being on the blog :) hope people enjoy it!