Friday, February 17, 2012

Discrimination against wheelchairs and hemophilia

There are a lot of known and famous causes that we all advocate for and spread the word about in order to make sure the people in question are fairly treated, however there are those cases like those two that Ragmag has shed light on that reign in the dark and people who live with them face discrimination on a daily basis.

Thanks to these two articles by Ragmag, I was able to find myself getting educated about those subjects and becoming even more aware of how to behave, treat, understand and not discriminate the people who live with those situations.

When you're in a wheelchair in Lebanon, everything is Access Denied
"I used to dream of living in a country that would accept me like everyone else, where there would be access for me everywhere, and where people wouldn't look at me like I'm some freak."
I won't add much about this in my post, because the article itself is very clear and informative. All I can say is, after reading the article, I was sad because we are bothering the disabled with our nonchalance, apathy, lack of awareness and our they-don'-exist attitude. We have the privilege to walk up the stairs, they simply don't. All they want is easy access, in order for them to live independently from us without the feeling that they have to ask for help the whole time. Put yourself in their shoes (literally).

Thing is, I recently met a girl who's on wheelchairs, it was not the first time in my life, but it has been a long time since I was around someone who's on wheelchairs, since Foi et Lumière days. I honestly tried to be super cool about it, because she was. In fact, all I kept thinking about was: "What a courageous girl!". We were in Oceanus, luckily no stairs there, but the place is tight, so some people had to move in order to make way. I wasn't worried that we bothered them, but now I understand how she probably felt.

For example, if I was disabled & on a wheelchair, I wouldn't be able to go into my work's building or to where I live without someone lifting me. Can you imagine the dependency there? Not cool.

Funding + Education Crucial for Hemophiliacs in Lebanon
 "I explain the condition and then they're too afraid to interact with me! I just wish more people understood because I can't even find a job,"
 Hemophilia refers to a group of bleeding disorders in which it takes a long time for the blood to clot. [source]. There are two sides to this story.
  1. The discrimination: Because people don't understand what it is, and tend to be afraid of it (classic case of xenophobia). Solution, we all need to be more educated about it.
  2. The cost: 1$ per unit. For example, the case in the article by Ragmag is about a young man who need 2000 units per week, of which 1,600 are provided by the government. However, he will still have to pay 400$ per week, that is 1,200$ per month. Which is a decent salary in Lebanon, which sadly is a job he cannot get (point #1).
You can read more about the case in Ragmag's article.

Another note I'd like to make, is that I am really loving Ragmag and the issues they cover. It could as serious as those two mentioned above (which I am really thankful for, and appreciate, and I hope others will join), and as light as fashion and dating tips. There is even a column about bloggers known as "Worldvision" by yours truly. Ragmag offers genuine neat & decent journalism.

Photo source: Ragmag

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