Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Blame Everything on MTV & Zaatar w Zeit, why don't we!

I've been very reluctant in writing about this matter, especially before the bloggers meeting taking place tomorrow. Let me tell you why.

Because it seems I am seeing things differently and it might cause a heated debate.

Let me tell you how.

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Issue #1 - Racism in Lebanon, the whole weight is being thrown on MTV
Racism in Lebanon is a deep rooted problem, it is not a banana peel thrown on the floor that we can just pick up and resolve the matter in 2 seconds. This takes a long process of raising awareness and education, even self-awareness and self-education.

In my honest opinion, whether the sketch was really meant as racist or not, whether MTV is really racist or not, I believe the blaming game and pointing fingers is wrong in the sense where all this energy is being channeled to the wrong entity.

Racism is a huge issue and it is tattooed all over Lebanon, consequently it cannot be resolved this way. Shall I really explain how the real issue here is the domestic workers employment offices? Isn't it obvious?

I know many families who have suffered with the domestic worker:
- It's not their fault, because all they wanted was help, and they're not being able to communicate with her, due to language & culture barrier. She lives under their roof, they are bewildered on how to treat her, she's literally a kid, should they lock the door? should they give her her freedom? So on and so forth,
- It's not her fault. It is not simple because these ladies who are being brought from abroad, some of them, come from very poor areas, despite their will, being placed out of their environment... thus become depressed, become home sick, feel targeted all the time, don't have the freedom to sleep when they want.

Someone told me this is modern day slavery... I disagreed. This is purely slavery.

Personally, even though mom asks me to get her help, I refuse, because I do not approve of the system itself! I can go on and on about the subject, but I believe it would be truly a dissertation and not the right place..

My point is, yes, probably MTV's Ktir Salbe's were apathetic. But this is not THE problem!
Don't waste your time on the details, focus on the core problem!
The problem relies in how this country functions, and this will only be solved by constant awareness. This whole drama the past week is a good opportunity for activists to take this study and move to a much stronger campaign to stop these racist employment offices and educate people (who some really don't know any better) on how to be less racist, for it to vanish with time. It would be better to bring domestic workers who don't sleep at home, pay them more, for them to function as productive residents in this country, pay taxes, rent houses etc... If you can't afford it, then clean your own house or hire help once or twice a week. Bala mazahir ba2a.

Issue #2 - Valet Parking Companies hogging public spaces, the whole weight is being thrown on Zaatar w Zeit
You can read the whole story about the "one incident" that happened with Samer Karam on his blog. Even though Samer missed saying that Zaatar w Zeit's manager stayed with him the whole time and even at the police station. All this is found in Zaatar w Zeit's statement and apology. Also note that Samer, is not replying to them or giving them his number (he's refusing communication). Also note that I know Samer personally, this is not a personal issue between me & them, I just disagree on how he's handling this issue.

I am for banning most Valet Parking services in many restaurants because I believe they're useless (in the sense where they take over the whole street, and leave you with no option but to park with them sometimes). Either ways, I use this service very rarely.

But now, everyone is attacking Zaatar w Zeit, who employed VIP, who are the same company that does this service for several restaurants in Lebanon.

Now people are nagging that a man2oushe costs 2,000LBP and Valet costs 5,000LBP. Tab fine, laken don't park with the valet?

Anyway, this is not the issue my dears. The issue here is that now, the whole frustration we have towards Valet Parking services and their hogging of public spaces (God knows I have had my share of arguments with VPs by the way), is being ALL thrown on Zaatar w Zeit, and this is WRONG.

Ya jame3a ya awedim, our issue is not Valet Parking Companies hogging public spaces, these people did not suddenly appear. They are an answer to our need, to our neediness, to our "ghenej", laziness and mazahir.

Once again, we succeed in closing our eyes on the real problem, and just enjoying a game of blame. We Lebanese have become par excellence, attention whores, superficial human beings, who cannot tell the real from the fake.

If you don't want Valet Parking anymore, file a petition to municipalities, boycott them and stop blaming just one entity for it.

This is very sad. This is not a small issue here, it's a huge issue in the sense where we are being sheep and followers without really understanding what the hell is going on.



  1. Tu sais très bien que je préfère m’exprimer en français… et u que j’ai quelque chose a dire, je vais en profiter. Tu as entièrement raison sur toute la ligne, et je ne peux qu’approuver tes prises de position. Mais tu as oublie d’évoquer une chose que je remarque de plus en plus dernièrement. Quand une chaine de télévision comme la MTV garde un programme comme « Ktir salbeh », c’est parce que la MTV donne à la masse ce que la masse désire.
    Je m’explique.
    Nous sommes à l’image de ce que nous regardons à la télé… et par « NOUS », je ne parle pas directement de ma personne ou de la tienne, mais des personnes qui nous entourent. Ce qui me désole le plus, c’est justement la gamme de toutes les émissions télé, qui ne font que nous abrutir de plus en plus, qui trouvent qu’être raciste c’est rigolo, et qu’on le veuille ou pas, les libanais rigolent.
    C’est peut être ca ce que la politique veut vraiment… nos abrutir… jusqu’au point où ne pas réagir face à la pauvreté, la cherté de vie, les abus, les vols, oui ! Ne pas réagir fait partie de notre quotidien. Donc que ce soit la MTV ou la LBC, ou n’importe quelle chaine de télévision, il en va du même principe, on abrutit un peuple entier, et on dirige le tout comme on le désire !
    Pour ce qui est de l’histoire de Samer Karam, je trouve que l’histoire est d’un pathétique absurde…. Franchement, il y a des problèmes beaucoup plus graves que nous devons aborder…. Donner des proportions énormes a ce genre de choses, alors qu’a cote des familles n’ont pas de quoi se payer le Hot Dog, qu’il voulait bouffer !!!! Moi, pour ma part : JE M’EN FOUS COMME DE L’AN 14 !!!!
    Mais encore, c’est ce qui fait que notre société libanaise est de plus en plus superficielle, pourris, gâtée jusqu’à la moelle… j’aimerai bien voir si Mr Karam aurait mis tout son intellect au service de ceux qui en ont besoin, et avec lui toute la blogosphère libanaise qui lui a applaudit !!!!
    Abrutis…. Pour notre plus grand malheur !!!!!

  2. Hala, exactly! TV is a mirror, and sadly they're making people dumber and dumber. In fact, seeing most old people go on the internet, feels a great move in the sense where they know they have the option to look for knowledge they like instead of being limited by the ones given to them by our TV channels.

    On that note, the sketch (i am repeating myself) is only mirroring how a part of people think in this country, and THAT is the problem and not the fact that MTV is racist. The fact that our problem is much bigger and channel UR REACTION to the right parties (please refer to my posts :P)

    As for Samer, you're right, he has a very big reach and can be a strong influence (it's sad to see this mis-used)

  3. Well said!
    It seems as a collective we have a habit of trying to treat the symptoms instead of the reasons of our problems, it's much easier and and causes no headaches, even tho it doesn't solve anything. MTV and Za'atar w Zeit incident are just our latest addition to the collection :D

  4. Hello Liliane,

    I have to first thank you for this open space you created to debate the recent issues in the Lebanese blogosphere.

    I do agree with you that we are not channeling our anger in the right way, we find a scapegoat and we throw all our anger on!

    But I would like to differentiate between the two incidents, MTV and Zaatar W Zeit. In case of Samer's incident, I already told him that the grunch should not be directed towards ZWZ but much more on the police that has broken a dozen of laws with insisting on keeping him for the night and other violations. I told Samer as much as I like to tell you and all the Lebanese bloggers and online active people, that you have to channel your energy to the right place, where you could actually make change. So in Samer's case, let us say he got all he wants, meaning: ZWZ stops working with VIP, Ali Murad is kicked out (though I am concerned if he has mouths to feed and this might be his first mistake - only an assumption) but the system stayed the same. Wouldn't it be better if we had the 10K + readers who read Samer's post anger to be against the police station procedure and the Lebanese system? Why do we spend our time fighting corporations and small entities that all their illegal work is a result of a system of corruption that covers their mistakes? Why don't we name things as they are?! Why are we being cowards trying to make money out of our blogs, twitter accounts and social media presence (which I think is our right as long as we don't deceive our audiences, we can handle SM accounts, but not use our spaces - that were trust worthy because of their non-ad content for non direct advertisement).

    So yes I agree with you on this case!

    In the case of MTV, well it is not one sketch. Remember the MTV coverage of Burj Hammoud incident? One report could have caused a mssacre for the immigrants who live in the area. Remember all the hate speech they use on daily basis in the news each night? Remember the Lebanese superiority they call for each night against the Palestinians, the Syrians, the Sirilankis, and every one who is Asian or African (unless he/she is a mutli millionnaire)? Also Lara Fabian issue, they wanna live screen her on Feb14, Lara the same singer who chanted for Israels' 70th memorial. MTV case is not the case of one simple stupid mistake, MTV is part of the system. The system that works on divide and conquer, MTV is built to be racist, lead by greedy capitalist people who are in the government and who should be held accountable for years of civil war, and similar years of corruption, money laundary and much more.

    Again, thank you Liliane for opening up this debate and see you all tomorrow! :)

    1. Assaad, laken we fully agree on the ZWZ thing. And I honestly think it's an opportunity for us to critique the police, corruption, lack of knowing how to behave, education in laws etc... + not let VPs control public spaces.

      As for MTV, listen to be fair, I don't watch MTV that much (or local TVs) for the reason that most of them are propaganda machine for their own party, but I did say be it racist or not, I feel like we need to channel our energy elsewhere.

      And as for lara fabian, honeh I disagree with you :P Fully hehehe

      See you tomorrow.

  5. Tony, well said! ana ken lezim ekhtessir the whole post with this :P

    What bothers me the most, is even after I said all this, people still missed my point. Did I not explain myself right? Did I miss something?

  6. the shame is that when you write a clear post explaining everything to the extent that even George W. Bush can understand what you're saying (kein baddeh 2oul el 7mar, bass el 7mar azka min kam shakhes ba3irfon, w i've lived with a donkey for 2 months in Morocco), you get in return some of the most ignorant responses. This is why I chose not to blog for so long...

    anyway, Lil, you're on point, once again. unfortunately common sense is not so common and reason can't be reasonably expected of people. Don't get frustrated and don't give up. What you will receive as reactions from people are actually their self defense mechanism kicking in. Those people feel targeted by what you say because they realize they are the problem and they are the ones that need fixing.

  7. It's perfectly okay to attack the company that invests money in promoting racist messages, or the company that invests in awful services. Once you make an example of them, you cut off funding to the actual problems, and you prevent others from following suit.

    1. Very theoretical.

      In MTV's case, I believe (and said it in previous post), we can build on what happened, use it for our own advantage. Example: Do more sarcastic, making fun of racist people kind of sketches. This kind of humor delivers the msg.

      In Zwz's case, I am sure they are taking measures when it comes to Valet Parking & their behavior, they did fire the guy. But for people to attack ZWZ directly, is not fair, and is not making an example in front of others. I believe this issue should be escalated to municipalities, or simply, we as individuals can call to boycott all valets. Nimshe kam meter, ma bi sorlna shi.

  8. You are right Liliane. Your make valid points regarding both issues. I also agree with Hala M (comment above).

    However, you should understand that what the bloggers and activists on social media did was not a witch-hunt against particular individuals or companies.

    It so happens that MTV, a free channel, chose to broadcast on its national (and satellite) airwaves, at a "family time" slot, a sketch which was highly offensive. It would be completely irresponsible to say: "that's OK, since most Lebanese are racists, since racism is deeply rooted within our society and culture".

    It is necessary to raise the issue, make MTV and by extension other media organization understand that this is not something the Lebanese public will accept. No one called to attack MTV employees, or called for MTV to be shut down. Although TV stations have been shut down for idiotic political reasons before in Lebanon. But that's another story.

    I honestly believe this was an opportunity to raise awareness about MEDIA ETHICS and the responsibility the so-called Watchdogs of Society should be carrying. It seems this job is now in the hands of bloggers and social media who are (usually) independent and free from the grip of politicians, political parties or financial investors.

    All media organizations should know, there are people watching them and monitoring their programs. And these people will raise issues when issues need to be raised.

    This, hopefully, will lead media managers to think carefully before broadcasting just about anything and understand their responsibility towards viewers. Especially, free to view channels, and especially during family hours (children should definitely NOT have watched that sketch).

    You are right, racism is far bigger and deeper than this MTV sketch. And educating the people is key. No change will happen before that. But if you stand against such TV shows, and the TV takes responsibility and actions, these people who need education will understand something went wrong. They may not grasp the magnitude of what went wrong. But at least, they'll know there was something. Then maybe, they will ask questions. And maybe this will lead to more awareness programs, debates, talk-shows, etc.



    1. Thanks for this long comment :) as a start!

      teneh shi, akid and 100% about taking the opportunity of what happened with MTV and making a huge point. My question is, have they? Coz all I say was name & shame.

    2. You are totally correct. So far, nothing has been done on the ground, in a practical manner.

      I still think ALL and any media broadcasting irresponsible content should be held accountable.

      Back in college one of the most important and most controversial classes we took was Media & Society which was mostly focused on media ethics. These things don't only happen in Lebanon of course, but we need to learn and make changes as media organizations, whether proper education and awareness is implemented at a national level or not. (I speak from a media professional's point of view here, and believe me, from that perspective, I am totally against censorship but ethics and censorship are not the same).

      And sorry about the long comments, I know I tend to over-explain ;) lol

    3. Indeed! Ethics & Censorship. I agree. I am learning from you here, I mean I know these things but I don't know how to label them.

      Our media definitely needs training, heard many professionals state this.

  9. (Cont'd)

    As for Samer Karam and ZWZ. The same can apply. I was very disappointed with the incident personally. And had Samer not been "known" on the social media scene, the incident would have probably went unnoticed. I think it is good it was noticed. Not because I want to bash or blame ZWZ in particular.

    But again, this serves as a good incident for ZWZ and other restaurants to understand their customers will not accept such behavior. In consequence, they will insist on outsourcing to companies that respect the customers. If VIP cannot do that, and enough restaurants ditch VIP, then VIP and its competitors will understanding they need to modify their work culture. Maybe by training their employees more for instance.

    But most importantly, beyond that, maybe restaurant and shop owners will get to understand if customers PAY THEM A FEE to park their cars, they have a responsibility to provide a PRIVATE PARKING AREA to meet the demands of that service. Or not provide it at all. Stealing public property is a culture that needs to change too.

    Again, it is not about ZWZ in particular. It is about the lessons that can be inferred by both the restaurants and venues as well as the customers.

    And I may not have followed each and every blogger or commentator on social media, but I don't remember anyone asking to boycott or shut down ZWZ. Just customers asking ZWZ to take actions (which unlike MTV, they did, and that is excellent, of course it would have been even better if they went beyond the apology and started implementing new valet regulations like not stealing public parking, and it would be ideal if other venues would follow their lead).

    So again, it is not a war against MTV and ZWZ in particular and neither MTV nor ZWZ should be upset about the "fuss". They should not feel attacked. They should take it as a lesson, for them and their competition to shape up. Their industries as a whole should hear what the people are saying and their industry as a whole should understand people will not just accept anything.

    Hopefully :)

    1. This is how you and I see it, we can tell the difference, and we know it is not in particular MTV to blame, and definitely not ZWZ. But I am basing my post & the points I mentioned on the replies ZWZ got on their FB page. Not fair. The problem is with VIP, yalli mfakrin 7aloun controlling Lebanon (disclaimer, some VP services & companies are real gentlemen, and I know some on personal level)

      Other than that, I completely agree with you. In fact, I hope ZWZ & Roadster and every restaurant on that matter follow the culture of VP you mentioned. VP is a luxury, & not a necessity. And they should definitely not hog public places, and if they do, not argue with us when we try to park there.

      Thanks about for your comment Rouba :)

  10. I wanted to say something, that I believe is fairly the case with every local "incident" we've been witnessing lately.
    I think the beauty behind the power of the consumer through social media is that we can hold anyone accountable and we can play a major role in claiming our rights, raising our voice and make sure they're well heard.
    But i think that at a certain level we are missing the whole point, and we just fall in the trap of feeding upon other people's efforts.
    There are many cases where the local online scene have played a beautiful and major role in providing aid, assistance, awareness and everything you would need from an online initiative, for example the sad incident in ashrafieh, or in creating awareness regarding marital rape and domestic violence, in supporting women's rights etc.
    But in the latest Valet Incident, i think it was just a cheap attempt by everybody at sounding smart and influencing. It was just an incident that i have seen happen almost on a daily basis, not just with restaurants, but with pubs and clubs all over.
    And when the story come out, It was just amusing to see how everyone jumped in with opinions, because everyone believe this is the way to do it, this is the way to create "awareness" and make a change.
    I think a change is much deeper than this, and all this online coverage this story has got is a waste of time, and just a shot in the dark for everyone to prove they're good at covering stories and wonderful up-to-date bloggers.
    I think the only thing this story is sticking of, is the acute smell of hypocrisy by everybody who tried to shed the limelight on it.
    When there is a will to change something, it doesn't happen online. it happens on the streets, and people talk about it online. people cover it with pictures and interviews of how it happened online. it doesn't start here, it gets recapitulated here.
    So spare us the drama, and spare us your opinions, let's move in with our lives and get back to debating what is better, Android or iOS, at least you all sounded smarter that way.

    P.S: This is not aimed at the above post by Liliane at all, but i wanted to post it here because i know everyone with an opinion will be here to read this post.

    1. YES YES YES! Exactly "YellowRubberCube" hehe. In fact, that was (some of it) the topic of my next post and possibly something I wanted to discuss tomorrow at the bloggers meeting.

      I believe, social media and getting our voices heard is very feasible these days and we have a certain power of influencing others.

      But sadly, it IS being misused by some, and it will get the others to lose credibility when real causes occur.

      Change is on the street. Online is only about communicating a message, and should not be taken advantage of in a bad way. Agreed :)

    2. Glad you agree :) When and where is the blogger's meeting? how often does it happen, and how can I get more details on it?

    3. Here you go! Hope you can attend :)

  11. saying that a TV give to the masses what the masses ask is just another way of running away from any ethical responsibility!! so I suggest if people in Lebanon want to kill each other for their confessional differences for example, the TV is allowed to fuel such hatred? simply because it is reflecting the masses???
    this hypocrisy in hiding behind "the masses" is totally unacceptable. TVs are not social medias where everyone says whatever he/she likes.(even social medias have a policy against racism and offensive behavior!)
    it is not the first time "ktri salbe" treats a subject in a subversive and socially hateful way (racism , xenophobia , you name it ) so I tend to believe that either the managers of MTV are blind or they simply support such ideas to be spread.
    make note that the case of the valet parking is not the same, the responsibility falls on the person at fault himself , then at the police with the way they treated the issue, and lately maybe on the VIP Valet (the company) and none wahtsoever on Zaatar w Zeit!! which people failed to understand in the Youtube.

    1. Hope to see you tomorrow at the meeting Salim, we can talk more about the MTV issue. I repeated myself so far already lol. You can check my POV about MTV in the previous post.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Lil, Hala and Beirutiyat,

    I do watch MTV, and I don't agree with Hala that MTV doesn't shed a light on social issues such as poverty, crimes, financial problems, in fact this is all they do, all day long. I can name more than 6 shows that air on MTV and tackle only social issues. In fact the other day I wanted to write them and tell to stop this daily "matraquage" because it is depressing. They also have some stupid entertaining programs, so what? such like every channel. They can't appeal to every taste in this twisted world.

    As for Beirutiyat, well it is clear that MTV represents a certain mass on the Lebanese population, and in one way or another MTV shares their point of view regarding it's political culture. I am not gonna dwell on the Kteer Salbeh incident cause it is useless. You say it is racist, I don't see it that way at all. We just have different perspective. Same issue for Lara Fabian, you consider it an insult that she comes to Lebanon after what she has done in Israel, I can't argue with your convictions, I respect them, but you need to respect other people's opinions as well. I can say the same thing about Julia, singing the famous Nasrallah speech, to me that man is as much an enemy to me as Isreal, although each one its own way. So should I go and ban Julia from performing just because of my political convictions? NO!

    Bottom line, people might disagree on the way they perceive certain political conflicts but we have to understand that no one has the absolute truth nor is absolutely right; and as i have said before MTV represents a certain fraction of the Lebanese community, whether you like it or not you need to respect their opinions and thoughts

    1. Il faut surement respecter l’opinion des autres… je n’ai jamais dit le contraire. Mais j’aimerai clarifier une chose, qui est essentiel. Je donne à la masse ce que la masse veut, fait aussi partie de n’importe quel processus politique. J’éduque un peuple, ou je l’abrutis…. A moi de voir. Que ce soit la MTV ou une autre chaine de télévision libanaise, je ne crois en aucun cas, que les émissions nous aident à aller de l’avant. Et les sujets prennent toujours des cotes subjectifs, au lieu de rester neutre et de s’en tenir au fait. Et en parlant de fait…
      Venons-en au fait !!!! Et arrêtons de nous cacher derrière notre petit doigt !!! Au point où nous en sommes, la plupart des libanais vivent sous le seuil de la pauvreté… et qui est descendu se révolter ???? L’état léthargique dans lequel nous vivons, ne fait que nous enfoncer un peu plus chaque jour dans une apathie. Et la télévision, que je le veuille ou pas, a son rôle à jouer !!!! Nous continuons à voter pour les mêmes, et à applaudir la personne au lieu de demander un programme politique.
      Le résultat est la…. Et moi, personnellement, je le perçois de plus en plus avec chaque jour qui vient. Tout est politique… que je mange, que je boive, que je lise… tout est un acte politique… l’homme est par nature un animal politique (Aristote).
      Des opinions, on en a tous…. Mais nous vivons une seule réalité. Alors avant de vouloir révolutionner pour ou contre le valet de ZWZ ou face à la MTV, nous sommes supposés vouloir changer tout un système pourris.

    2. This gave me goosebumps. Well said hala.

  14. I understand your point Hala, you are right.

  15. Hi Liliane,

    I never actually comment on blogs, but I am making an exception because I really like what you said above, and you most certainly make a fine point.
    But in my personal opinion, the most critical part is that we, as Lebanese, have a social responsibility towards our country and the image we convey of Lebanon. And the shameful part is not these two incidents by themselves, but rather how we do not mind trashing the image of Lebanon just to get our 5 seconds of fame as social drama queens. I am a fervent supporter of "lavons notre linge sale chez nous", instead of making it as publicized as possible, and making the whole world look at us in disgust and think "oh that's Lebanon, nothing new".
    Slavery, racism, ethics, law enforcement... I fully agree that all are issues we must address from their roots, and it's sad how we deal with it without thinking of the consequences our actions have on the image of a country we all claim to love.

    To me, it is not somebody's fault, it is everybody's responsibility.

    1. Celine, I don't remember who I said it to, but I literally said "ma lezim nenshour ghassilna lal 3alam". In my opinion, especially in the VP case, this should have been a 1 on 1 discussion with the restaurant itself before putting it on social media etc...

      Sadly, not always we can solve things in 1 on 1s, sometimes we must put it out there for it to get attention on blogs and such. Blogs can be watchdogs, but there is a fine line between watchdogs and bullying your way into things.

      Moreover, it is everyone's responsibility. I fully agree.

      Finally, I really am flattered that you took the time to comment :)

  16. Ok, you slammed me on twitter and ignored my question, I will show that I haven't missed the point, again :). (when was the first by the way?)

    Of course the society is racist, but it doesn't mean it's ok for the MTV to be racist. This what you wrote:

    "In my honest opinion, whether the sketch was really meant as racist or not, whether MTV is really racist or not, I believe the blaming game and pointing fingers is wrong..."

    Really? Seriously? Well, for me, IF they are racist, I will make sure to point the finger to them and do whatever I can...

    Sadly, our society tolerate racism, and sectarianism, and yesterday Ktir Salbi showed us that rape can be "funny" too.

  17. My first comment here and I'm only addressing the VP issue. (OK, ktir salbi sketch can be considered utterly tasteless, at best.)

    Whether Samer's approach can be labeled as drama queenesque or not is debatable, and so is the issue of "laver le linge sale". Valet Parking has become a social phenomenon/problem depending on how you look at it and discussing it online is not going to hurt Lebanon's image anymore than it is already damaged.

    We, as Lebanese people have become real spoiled lazy fat-assed brats. Valet Parking at the mall? Seriously? How about VP at the church and the mosque too? (Have to mention both, otherwise I would be inciting sectarian hatred, yada yada...)

    The trend is for people to tell you "hayda Lebnan", "bassita ya zalameh, ma badda hal2ad" and so on, to accept things as they are and go with the herd of sheep.

    VP companies have flourished because of a need; that is clear. The issue is that VP has become the norm and not the option. Going to one of the few outings that do actually have their own private space for parking, you are rarely given the possibility to park your own car in that space. Inevitably, you are given the argument "shouf l bleep wil bleep wil bleep, killoun 3atyouna l mfete7". (Replace bleep with any luxury car model. No free ads here). So now, you're the weirdo who actually wants to walk (yes walk, as in the act of moving the legs sequentially to move forward) a few meters to get to the place and are refusing the luxury of stopping your car right next to your table and almost being carried from your car seat to the chair.

    Bottom line, VP guys act like they own the place and it's not their fault only. The VP company and the restaurant are at fault too by not giving the customer the freedom to park his/her car where he/she pleases. If the VP guys are acting upon instructions is a problem and if they are behaving freely is even a bigger problem.

    I could go on and on, but you get the point and it has already become a long post.


    1. Yep, this is what I said too. Except the fact that I believe we should blame the whole VP frustration we have towards zwz, we want to do that? let's do it towards ALL restaurants and demand them to make VPS optional to say the least.
      Peace :)

  18. I totally agree about both topics. This is how Lebanese people deal with problems. They point fingers at the wrong people just to avoid the real problem. Thumbs up on the post :-)