Saturday, January 14, 2012

Is it too much to ask for a healthy society?

A conclusion I have reached so far, they might change again, who knows. But for now these are they:
We can do whatever we want as long as we don't hurt someone else while they have no control over the way they can react to things.
It has been proven to us so far over and over again that religious figures in Lebanon (most of them) are simply money & power zombies.

Money: no need to elaborate (e.g. civil marriage not allowed in Lebanon, yet recognized)
Power: they know, that the minute they give women more protective laws, a stronger voice, more presence, they will lose from the power they possess now.

A healthy society, a fair society, a balanced society is the society that has the same rights for women as men.

Lebanon is not healthy. And those religious figures and male politicians (most of them) are sensing that people (men & women) are on to them, and those people want a healthy society even if we have SO MANY other problems. A healthy society, is a balanced society.

Some believe, other issues have more priority, but what is of more priority than making sure your mother, sister, daughter or cousin is not being forced into a sexual act (which usually comes with domestic violence and oppressing/terrorizing the victim)

As mentioned in my previous post (details on the articles in our law and how they do not protect women who get raped properly), we "women" do not have laws that back us up and protect us.

While the march today, we had a discussion about this, and these are some of the things we talked about:
  • If a raped wife, or a beaten up wife heads to the police to complain about her husband's act, their reply would be: "Lady, this is a domestic issue, f*ck off"

  • If a girl gets raped, apparently the police can give her number to the rapist, and the rapist's mother can hog the girl & pressuring her into marrying the rapist, thus all accusations of rape get dropped (thanks to our law.)
  • Now you might wonder, what girl would accept to marry her rapist? Thing is, in our society, we still have families who believe that a family's honor is saved that way.

Who's fault is it anyway?
Moreover, sadly, some people sometimes blame the girl for getting raped (or harassed), and that is the reason why many women don't speak up or ask for protection (they think it's their fault, and with the law being the way it is, they will not be protected):
  1. It's because your clothes were provocative
  2. It's because you allowed yourself to be alone with him
  3. It's because you were coming back home late

Of course, girl can avoid tricky situations, nevertheless it is still never anyone's fault to get raped. Because when a person says no, the offender should take a hint and buzz off.

It's improbable, but not impossible to try & make the place we live in a better place for our children
It's probably a tough call to be able to change the law, this country is full of corruption, of "ma7soubiyet", of ministries divided by parties, airport is for that, ogero is for that, casino is for that. But this doesn't mean we won't try to make a change, to the better. I want my niece, my future daughter, my friend, my cousin, my friends' daughters, my friend, me to live in a country that acknowledges that forced sexual at (or forced anything on that matter), be it from a stranger, from a husband, from a fridge, from whatever IS SIMPLY NOT ALLOWED.

Men & Women
Men as much as women attended the march today, it does not make them weird or whatever... These men also want their sisters, daughters and mothers to have a law that protects them.

I repeat, a healthy society, is a balanced society, that has the same rights for men and women.

Rain did not stop us! It didn't

All photos are courtesy of yours truly, for more, you can visit this link for the full album.


  1. Thanks for this post. I wish I was marching with you.

    1. Because you showed support, it's like you did march with us.

  2. I wish I could comment on this post. The demands of the demo are so 'natural' that it even feels weird to comment...

  3. Thanks for everyone's efforts. Wish I was there with all of you.
    We have to better our society and improve our social fabric or we will pay the price.

    1. Hopefully next time you can join! It did not end here :)