Wednesday, January 11, 2012

اذا زوجتك قالت لأ، اسمعلا وما تكون حيوان

Twitter, Trolling & Rape
Once again Twitter proves to be a replica of today's society, as a matter of fact it looks even a bit more offensive and rude (since most people just hide behind their keyboards, and it's easier to say what's on one's mind). Anyway, some people like trolling. Such as the photo in this post.

Now, I am sure Little_Stain is against rape (I am sure). Nevertheless, what he wrote is out there, it generated anger among some, even I had a share : "dude :P, you crossed a line here ;)" He did? He didn't? It really is not the point here.

This post is not about twitter, or trolling or bad jokes or attention whoring. It's about difference of opinions, and some things being just facts. Yes, I am stating the obvious so far, bear with me. My point is that whatever we try to do, there will always be people who either support or not. Even if some people make a bad joke about it and don't show support, it doesn't mean that it's not a BAD thing, or it's not a good thing (however you're looking at it), it just means there is something that we believe is horrible and we want to try and fix it.

My concern with Marital Rape
Besides me being against it of course, as well as against verbal abuse, beating up the wife (beating up the husband on that matter), being violent with the children, using the children to make money, prostituting the wife, etc... Too many issues at hand here, but for now, we are trying to deal with one. Marital rape. My concern? Is that sadly, some men don't think it's wrong, and I am not talking about the religious figures who are trying to keep matters into their own hands as Beirutspring explained here. I am talking about the husbands.

The law we need to protect those wives
Some of these husbands who think having sex with their wives when she says "NO" is O-kay, most probably (wishful thinking), they're those who don't read English, and don't know what Internet is. What I meant by wishful thinking is that I'd expect educated people to be more "human", yeah... human. How can we reach "those" who think marital rape is cool? We need a law. Although I believe, education is more important. But either ways, a law should be existent.

Art 522 states that if a rapist marries its victim, the conviction against him shall be cancelled and his sentenced nullified. 

Articles 503 and 504 consider rape as any forced sexual relation not perpetrated on one's wife, which leads that a forced sexual relation on one's wife is not rape with regards to the law 

You can read a lengthier explanation of these laws in a thorough article by Paula Salwan Daher on Al Akhbar

If you would like to participate in the demonstration taking place this Saturday 14 January, you can get more details here. Moreover, BeirutSpring gives very good reasons of why people should participate in the demo, and how rape is sort of taboo in our society and how women still get blamed for it.

Because in my opinion this is not a protest for political ends, this is a watershed demonstration against denial and stigma in our society.

Final thought
I wish the same ending for every rapist as the one Lisbith's rapist got in the movie "The girl with the dragon tattoo"


  1. I hate to be missing the point again and joking about this (not really), but "bare with me" is something a rapist would say during the act...

  2. well when you put up with bullies and encourage them this is what you get... bullies with inflated egos who think that even rape can be a subject for jokes... and please don't say he's against rape, we do live in a rape culture

  3. Pazuzu, you missed the point. The point is, there are people who think differently, and that's that. But this shouldn't stop the other guys from going through and fulfilling a just cause.

    And yes, we do live in a rape culture, physical and mental rape. Totally agree.

    If you thought this post was about highlighting a troll's attitude, then either I did a bad job here or you read it with a subjective mood.