Thursday, December 15, 2011

Politician, yes you! Behave! Or else...

This is one of the rising issues in Lebanon, yet people are not aware of how severe and dangerous this recent impoliteness trend is. Apparently yesterday, this happened:

"Who are you calling agents? The history [of the Kataeb] should be an honor [to you]… You are disrespectful," Gemayel said.
Moussawi reportedly fired back at the Kataeb MP, telling him, "You are the [impolite] one… And my shoes are more respectful than you."  
Source: Now Lebanon

So here we are again, another verbally abusive response among our politicians. After the Dr. Shokr and Dr. Alloush verbal (turned into physical) clash on live TV a couple of weeks ago, I wrote this post "Lebanese have become extremely impolite and reliant on force and violence" and I wasn't being a girly girl, with an Oh-Mon-Dieu, comme tu es vulgaire attitude! This is beyond acting like a princess, this is a whole country being sunk into a sea of dirty words, disrespect and nonchalance. 

Tonight on LBC, there was a special report about this subject in specific (did my post inspire them?), if it did, then great, if it didn't, then awesome, since this means more people are noticing that this is a serious problem that we need to deal with. TV affects people who are watching it (of course not the sofas), the people are susceptible when they see something over and over throughout the years being portrayed in a certain way, and that way is an impolite way. Democracy lost its meaning, and politicians / debaters think that anyone is entitled to say their opinion in any form they desire, even (especially) when it hurts others (with no counter solution offered, just plain inflicting pain).

May I remind you of the following quote:

"تنتهي حريّتي عندما تبدأ حرّية الآخرين"

These people are supposed to be thought leaders, but yet they are bringing our intellectual and social level down. 

Which brings me to the next point, how can we solve such a problem?
  1. Send a teacher that will punish those ministers (in a not fantasizable way, but in a way that will seriously make them learn how "bad" they're behaving!
  2. Traditional media boycotting politicians and political shows
  3. Holding accountable politicians who "slip" live and in public, and make them pay a huge fine, 200,000 million liras.. preferably to fix a road, be donated to an NGO or something of that sort.
  4. Us (as in bloggers and anyone who has any form of expression that reaches more than 2 persons) blaming them and being disappointed with them and... not electing them again and letting them know that we won't.
How about that?

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