Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ontornet, Murder, Online shopping, Rude Lebanon, Politicians on Twitter, Cliches & Beirut

From Beirut with Funk had a great run along you guys, it is definitely not a baby I take care of all the time, my care for it is pretty interrupted, for one too many reasons, like full time job, family, life, and of course my other blogs & Lebanon Aggregator.

However and fortunately, with frustration comes many successful posts, but not all of them carry good news in them...

  1. Myriam Ashkar, no Lebanese should stay silent about her crime. But when the case started getting more clear, another post followed which also got few readers Myriam Achkar was not raped, she was brutally murdered. Points made in those two posts are:

  • She was murdered and not raped
  • We were worried he would be taken to Syria to be tried there and worried he could escape being tried for this crime all in all
  • The LBC drama report about them, made it look very sectarian
Finally, I want to say again RIP Myriam Achkar, your family believes you are in the skies looking out for them, and we hope you are too. Even if this was a sad and rough year on the Ashkar Family, we wish 2012 brings good things to you.

  1. O.M.G. Lebanon, Mabrouk for becoming #1. It was mostly because of this post and the response to it, and specifically LebaneseMariam telling me to do something about it, that I found myself ashamed that I just post things without working on making things better that it hit me... Thankfully for many other frustrated internet users and friends, we were able to what many now know as Ontornet. We bridged the communication between the government and the users, we raised awareness and even though the internet is now better, but we promise you, our work is not done.
  2. Future cities, spontaneous Lebanese on rooftop bars. I like that we get labeled the way we are. The idea that Lebanese are spontaneous makes me laugh. And in this post, I elaborate on what we really are, and that we really shouldn't be ashamed of it. On that note, check MAD Beirut Club's youtube video ad, which I found to be in great alignment of what I said in this post.
"Because insanity is overrated"  
Moreover, there are posts that are dear to my heart. In some, I tried to show that we Lebanese are becoming ruder by the minute and we need to work on containing this rudeness and transforming it into kindness:
"Lebanese are impolite"
And this is where I criticized some reporters (a lengthier post coming up about this) :

"You're a racist because you're trying not to be a racist."
Politicians on Twitter:

This post's style is inspired by

Thank you for visiting this blog, and I hope you keep doing it in 2012.

Oh, forgot to say, that I was invited to attend the 3rd Bloggers Meeting in Tunis.. and I did! and it was awesome :)

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