Friday, December 02, 2011

From Lebanon, Happy National Day UAE

Today, I went on Facebook and Twitter as I do everyday since this is part of what I do, and I saw many posts & tweets from my friends who live in UAE congratulating UAE for their 40 years as today is UAE National Day. And they weren't only congratulating them, they were thanking them for everything it has given them and some even called it their second home. If I look further, maybe it would be a first home for some.

I don't think these people are hypocrites, not at all. These people sought an opportunity when it comes to careers, and these people sought stability, which Lebanon cannot seem to offer.

Before Lebanese rednecks come bash me, I love Lebanon, if I didn't I wouldn't have lived all my life in Lebanon and have this blog and please don't let me elaborate, I hope you're smart enough to realize it on your own. But, I did visit UAE 3 times already and I am going for the 4th time next week. And I saw it, I saw security, opportunity, order, every restaurant and shop and outlet and franchise you can think of, calm, no ugly political fights, no bickering, just people living their lives, I saw laws being applied, I saw clean roads, a metro system and great public transportation... I did not see many locals but that's up to them.

Lebanon has more than Tabbouleh, Dabkeh and Hommos of course. We have that coziness in our streets, the history, the old sense into it. However, my sole purpose of this post is that, 22 November was only 10 days ago, and did you see any Lebanese thanking Lebanon for security? stability? economy? career opportunities? great roads? While today, we see Lebanese expats living in UAE thanking UAE for giving them things Lebanon was not able to give them.

There will definitely be comments such as "Stop blaming the government and do something about it". Yes, we want to do something about it, and doing something about something starts with talking about it! So we are here to talk, to point things out and try to see how we can make a difference. Some say this can be done on election day in 2013, while we get to vote for new ministers who are qualified enough to transmit our voices to the parliament in a proper way and who are not there for the glamour and money of it. I agree... To vote for new ministers though, we need new good ones to run for candidacy.. I'd like to see bloggers and youth out there.