Saturday, November 26, 2011

Myriam Achkar was not raped, she was brutally murdered

Things that need to be said about Myriam Achkar's murder case that occurred on November 21:

  1. She was not raped (as many have written, e.g. Nadine's post - a great enlightening post, yet focusing more on rape than actual murder), she fought it till death! Fathi Jaber Al Salatini killed her because she fought him back and did not allow him to rape her. Her family insists that this information is disclosed correctly. Myriam was MURDERED.
  2. Once again, and I repeat it, this is not just a murder in this country done by a random psychopath. And we are not mentioning his nationality because we are racist, or because we have something against Syria (due to our long history). I have nothing against Syrian people. But for the past 36 years we had a problem in Lebanon with the Syrian intelligence (can you deny it?). And I have heard till now from many sources that Fathi Jaber Al Salatini is actually from Syrian intelligence. Hence why I mentioned the p.s. in my previous post. Yes he is a murderer, but the fact that he knew he had more chance to get away with it under the pretenses of being tried in Syria (which means, merci au revoir for him being sentenced for life or even for days), and the fact that they had tried to smuggle him out of prison countless times so far and even before her funeral. If he wasn't Syrian Intelligence, I would have not even mentioned his nationality.
  3. Would you UTOPIC person like to walk around in Lebanon's streets knowing that your government (and yes I blame my government) allows for such a murderer to escape such a crime, and then have the possibility (him and many others) to come back here, do the same, knowing they will get the chance to escape murdering someone?

These are the thoughts I want you to reflect on. I repeat, I have nothing against Syrians (I have many friends who are Syrian that I love and respect - I hate that I had to clarify this) moreover I am not a Christian (so this battle is for me as a Lebanese woman who is worried about her safety and her friends' safety). Therefore this is an objective outlook from my side.

The government has to have stricter security presence for now, because in case you haven't noticed crime rates are increasing in Lebanon. I am not denying what the ISF or army have done so far, I am just emphasizing on the fact that they are NOT ENOUGH.

Think of Myriam as your sister, your cousin, your daughter, your friend... Who deserves waking up one day to find a close person to them has been slaughtered and murdered in such a horrid way? 

I am not a Christian, and I am not much of a believer, but I stand in awe in front of Achkar Family's faith and I wish them patience and justice for their daughter. And once again I tell them, they have our support.

May her soul rest in peace.

Updated: A Mass will be held tomorrow (Sunday November 27) in Bkerki by the Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Al Rahi to pray for Myriam's soul. I invite everyone from all sects to attend. 


  1. so F***** true! this is the first post about Myriam's murder that was truly and honestly written!

  2. Lil, your points are 100% valid. However it think the main intention was rape. It's true that the fact of being a Syrian Intelligence agent made him think he can get away with it and come out later for more. However the whole buzz of Myriam being raped / murdered for being a Christian is what's taking the issue to the direction we all don't want.
    For me, Fathi Jabber should be executed as soon as possible to make a good example out of him, and to warn other potential rapists that that the government won't stand still. Not acting accordingly will back fire on us dramatically.

  3. Wassim, yes I did specify in the previous post this is a battle for all Lebanese despite our sect. And yes I did not like how it was turned sectarian, but the family is in shock and grief, and media took advantage of it to increase their ratings as usual.

    I am not pro capital punishment, although I understand the concerns that if he was sent to jail he might get out at one point and etc...

    Let there me justice. w allah ysabbir ahla, w I wish the safety for everyone in Lebanon from such brutal murders. Lebanon is a small country, we are not Brazil or the US, we should be able to prevent such events from happening.

  4. Our governments continue to shamefully stand and watch as normal people are deprived of their basic right, the right to be safe in their own country, and why??? because of under the table agreements, every day i feel more and more ASHAMED!
    Fucking asshole...may he rot in HELL, Amen.

  5. The fact that there's even debate about an alleged murderer standing trial is a (yet another) nail in the Lebanese state's coffin. This is not only depressing, it is humiliating for each one of us. If any one in the government, the security forces or the "justice" system has a sense of pride, they should resign.
    May Myriam rest in peace.

  6. Liliane! Speechless!
    This is for Myriam.

  7. I'm curious: what proof do your sources have of his being a Syrian intelligence operative?

  8. Well guys this issue is way bigger than that ! The media is trying to put religion in the middle , but the fact is that the guy is sick and a murderer and he has to be ecexuted ASAP to show others that our country defenitely doesn't allow such crime to happen ! Habg in there pps. There is GOD and is on our side . Sorry to hear always about hateful crime

  9. Thank you for this post Liliane. I know it must be hard to write such a post without insulting anyone. Great job!

  10. I have been involved in investigation of serious crime (including murder and rape)for a period of twenty five years in a western country with a large population and would like to add a thought here. In almost every case of sexual assault that I can remember, the offender had considered their chances of escape before, during and after their crime(s). This is despite it being what some would call a crime of "passion". It doesn't take much to conclude then that they have gone ahead and done it because they believed they had a good chance of getting away with it. Makes you think......

  11. I am not going to discuss the crime itself, because I don't even think anyone disagrees on how horrific it is. May her soul rest in peace.

    As someone mentioned in a comment above, the intention was to rape. The murder was a consequence of her (bravely) refusing to submit to the guy. If one positive thing is to come out of this, it could be awareness of sexual harassment in Lebanon, which is prevalent all over Lebanon (by Lebanese and non-Lebanese). Most men get away with it, and Nadine Mouawad explained it very well in her post.

    With regards to the "political cover" of the killer, firstly, if it's so well known that he's an intelligence agent, why did the church hire him. We all kno about convenient "sources" in Lebanon that only produce constant bullshit. Second, Marwan Charbel denied any intention of sending him to stand trial in Syria.

    I think you're mistake here is trying to pre-empt the result of this. Till now, the killer is still in jail, and will stand trial (hopefully get life, not death penalty). He has not run away, not been transferred to Syria, and not killed again. I will be the first person to object if any of this happens, but for now, you're blaming people based on an assumption in the future. (Many other things to blame them for, like the serial killers, or the political assassinations of the last 6 years..., but not this).

  12. Anonymous (27 Nov, 4:12)
    1- The knowledge of him being an intelligence agent is a new info.
    2- This is a sort of preventive awareness about the subject, since they tried to smuggle him and there was been talks about the fact that they would send him to Syria in order for him to stand trial there (==> high chances of him not being tried in a fair manner)
    3- I did not not blame anyone for a future assumption, I blamed our government mostly because of the lack of security and the previous (which I did not elaborate on) things they have done when it comes to letting things slide when it concerns intelligence agents (in previous years). There is a long history here (which I am sure you're familiar with).

    Finally, @Jad the proof of him being an intelligence agent is not my hand, and I have not seen it, but everyone who was involved closely in this case (and they are close people to me) have confirmed this days before I posted this (and I have waited till the news say it before I post about it myself.

    Thanks for your comments everyone. We only ask for justice. And till now it looks like it will take place thanks to Minister of Justice, Interior, Patriarch, the president and many politicians who are all following up closely on this case.

    This case (and all other crimes) should be a lesson for any person who's thinking of committing a crime in the future. Yes we won't reach a 0 crimes in a country state, but we could all with our different roles in society help reach the best results.

    @sareen, thank you for your words, not an easy task at all :) I really don't want to offend anyone.

  13. Even if he comes from a "superior" Nation (American, French or else...) every human criminal must pay for his crime, otherwise lebanon will become a "no man's land" quite similar of the american farwest.

  14. so aptly put... I second Sareen's congratulations; I'm sure it wasn't easy to avoid offending any party. Practically all the other blogs/articles/comments on the event have been offending & twisted
    Thank you!