Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lebanese have become extremely impolite and reliant on force and violence

Civil meen wil nas naymeen
For years now, our talks shows have been a مهزلة. Why? Because we don't understand what "discussion" and "dialog" are. All we have are impoliteness w ولاد شارع! w la22ileh 3al mafra2 (meet me on the street so we can fight), w sermeyte artab min rassak (my shoe has more dignity than yourself), w bayye a2wa min bayyak (my daddy is stronger than your daddy). These are expression people who cannot communicate verbally, revert to. Because they are weak, and they rely on violence to "solve" things. This has become our culture in Lebanon, we are not people of the mind, we are people of the physical, we cannot solve anything anymore in a civil manner.

Blame the media
If our media promotes unhealthy/impolite dialog just to get more TV rates, then what do we exactly expect our people to turn out to be? These are the examples to which our generation are being exposed to. A narcissistic generation in general, who has empathy written all over its forehead.
Walid Abboud panicking

The video that's going viral
Ladies and gentleman, our hope is being killed by the previous generation, by our generation and it will totally be "finished" by the time the next generation takes over. If you haven't lost hope yet, please see this video (that had more than 40,000 in less than 12 hours) of the show Bi Mawdou3iye on MTV Lebanon hosted by Walid Abboud, with the "guests" Fayes Shokr and Moustapha Alloush, unfortunately the comments have been removed and disabled for you to see, because if you were to see the amount of swearing and hatred in these comments, you would have realized how horrid the division that we have in Lebanon is and how SAD our country is.

And for who? For Bashar El Assad?
Final note is, sadly, all this LIVE and on AIR fight, happened for a president of another country. They didn't even fight for a local issue.

شي بيرفع الراس

p.s. the expression of terror on Walid Abboud's face, is exactly how we should all be feeling towards where this country is heading if we don't do something about it.


  1. My exact thoughts! For a president of another country! Not for a single issue concerning Lebanon! How nice would it be if 'our' politicians fought it out to save the Cedar forests, cleaned up the rubbish choking our very existence, over development in our cities, 24 hour electricity, decent pay, etc... According to our politicians these aren't priorities, but saving the skin of a brutal regime next door.

    Disgusting really.

  2. Liliane you should have seen how shocked we all were at home while watching the show! We were all going "Yih YIH YIIIH"! It was so horrible! When they went to commercial we all had a horrible feeling, like a bad taste in your mouth. It was disgusting..

  3. Very well put, Liliane. Sadly, what we saw on TV is how the massive majority behave on the streets, schools, universities, sport clubs, ...

    This country need some serious talking...Things are already out of control.

  4. Ramzi, agreed on the serious talking thing. we need to find a solution for this.